“It will be a 4-point game against Eastres! »

If the 33-year-old Montenegro international left-back Vasco Sevalevic has developed at the name club, he is also used to more obscure fights and has left his mind on Saran. Interview with Le Quotidien du Sport and Handball magazine.

Why did you decide to join Saran after Vardar Skopje?

I spent almost six seasons in France (Toulouse, Tremblay and East between 2015 and 2020, editor’s note). When I got the chance to join Vardal in the Champions League replay, I took it.

In Istres, my family and I were unable to meet in France due to border issues due to the pandemic. When my agent called me in mid-January, he had a discussion with Vardar’s president (Mihajlo Mihajlovski, Ed). This proposal intrigues me.

I worked with Vardar for half a season before deciding to return to France after consulting with my family. I accepted Saran’s contract. I like Ligue 1 champions.

When you’re developing among major European clubs, this choice may seem surprising.

I love Saran’s story. It’s still a fun club. It’s a small club but well organised. All of us have a good relationship. Saran has also come a long way. Every season they move forward. I didn’t hesitate too much. I was well received. I am very happy.

Is the challenge the same as in Toulouse, Tremblay or Eastray?

I also know the maintenance battle. In Toulouse, we are in the middle of the rankings. On the other hand, with Tremblay, we worked hard to keep it going until the last day.

Then I played at Istres in my first year of Covid. The championship game has stopped, but we will keep going. I left in Season 2, but Istres continues its journey among the elite.

“As a whole, we should improve our level”

How do you see Saran’s season ending?

We have to regret a lot of injuries to important players. We’ve missed a lot of points, but there’s still a lot to consider. We were surprised to beat San Rafael on the outside (28-25, Day 5, Editor’s Note). The second part of the championship will be thrilling. As a whole, we should improve our level. Maintenance is obtained around 14:00. Sometimes a little more. We must get points!

Are you confident?

I am optimistic. Saran has yet to show everything. Our destiny will depend only on ourselves. When we go to the Istres game (day 25) it will be a 4 point game. We need to improve offense and defense. We have to maintain our quality. We will have to fight to the end.

What would you do if there was a drop?

(He hesitates) In my contract, some points are stipulated. If Saran sticks to it, I’ll stay for another year. Otherwise, I am free. I have this clause in my contract.

Vasko Sevaljevic is still under contract

When are you still going to play?

I am 33 years old. I feel great, much better than when I was 25. We’ll see if I stop at 35 or 40. I have no idea. I still have a lot to show.

What did you learn from the last European Cup with Montenegro?

Our first goal is to get to Phase 2. We know this will be complicated. Against Denmark, we lost, but we played a lot (21-30). We were surprised to beat Slovenia (33-32), but I’m not surprised. By also confirming against Croatia (32-26) I was right.

Our generation has a lot of potential. But our biggest problem is that we are never really whole. We were the biggest surprise at this European Championship, we showed something great. The next goal will be to qualify for the World Championship.

Do you think this game really has value against the huge wave of Covid?

Pollution does get a lot of attention. There really is this fear of testing positive. During our prep camp, almost all of our options were affected. Fortunately, our situation gradually improved.

But it’s not the same for all the other options with new cases every day. Organizing the euro in this context is very difficult. But organizers can also do better. Reality exists like a virus. We had to go all the way. It’s not the best experience. I’m also not sure that transferring competition is necessarily the best option.

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