“It’s his fault the Lakers did this”

With a 27-31 record, the Lakers will have to wake up quickly to have a chance in the playoffs. But in case of failure, who will be judged to be the culprit? Frank Vogel, coach? Kendrick Perkins didn’t fit in and he decided to target the man who caused this mess.

The Lakers must breathe a sigh of relief as the All-Star break looms.This moment should give some players a breather, like Russell Westbrook. The second part of the season is expected to be decisive in the City of Angels, especially since Anthony Davis will be out for a long time.

Without an insider, things for the Purple and Gold Corps would become complicated. There’s no room for error, or the playoffs could fly away in the West, where competition is fierce. It’s not impossible to see teams miss the playoffs a few weeks later, and it’s hard to imagine the consequences.

Rob Pelinka, responsible for the Lakers slump?

If this happens, strong decisions will need to be made, especially for some people. Many will claim to be the head of Frank Vogel, who is not beyond reproach, but the real culprit may be Rob Pelinka. After all, he brought in Westbrook and built the roster. Anyway, that’s what Kendrick Perkins had in mind on the show First Take.

I’m going to point the finger at Rob Pelinka. After all this, he is the one to be criticized. First, because he’s not doing his job and allowing certain players (LeBron and AD) to run that roster. Then the deadline comes and you do nothing? He sat there quietly “We will wait for the takeover market”. It doesn’t exist. All products are gone.

If the Lakers want to strike, the trade market seems ideal, with some upside. In the end, the team did nothing, and Pelinka preferred to bet on free agency. There are still some interesting names like Goran Dragic who can do well.

However, with a record like this and a perpetual slump, Angelinos isn’t a favorite to sign the most coveted player.Since we just talked about Dragic, please know another team can please them : Proof that Los Angeles is no longer really attractive.

Who should be responsible for the Lakers this season? If Frank Vogel lost his job, surely Rob Pelinka would lose him. All this is done by a few people, and there is not much time to rectify it. The next few weeks will be decisive.

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