“Jordan? His standards are too high for LeBron to meet”

The debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James may seem like an eternity, but it’s not even a problem for some. One of His Airness’ former teammates is cash on this issue: The Kings can’t possibly surpass him one day.

LeBron James Or Michael Jordan? It’s hard to find a more divisive discussion than around the GOAT, with both camps fiercely defending their candidates. Both men have amazing records and records that we don’t know what to do with. If the former Chicago player has a perfect record in the NBA Finals, winning six championships, the Lakers are the only player in history to win a Finals title and MVP with three different teams.

So making a choice is not easy, and even players sometimes have a hard time deciding. However, some have managed to do it without too much difficulty, like the recent Stephen Curry. It’s also quite simple for Charles Oakley, a close friend and teammate from his early years with the Bulls.According to reports sports In a recent paper, the former Home Office refused to put the pair on equal footing. His former teammate will be No. 1, period!

Charles Oakley defends Michael Jordan

In his book, Oakley brings up the LeBron vs. Jordan debate, but Oakley admits it’s just the beginning of a conversation. “That’s why I made this comparison so people can debate,” he said. “But Mike set the bar too high. I think LeBron has passed Kobe, but he didn’t pass Mike. »

So there’s no need for a former racket pusher to really talk about the subject, a view that simply won’t please supporters of the Chosen One. Oaks still exist, but MJ is a world apart in the history of the Orange Ball. He cites the number of gaming legends he has stripped of titles throughout his career as proof, and this list really is as prestigious as it is:

Jordan stopped a lot of people from winning a ring. I know he stopped the Knicks. He moved Charles Barkley west. Karl Malone, John Stockton, Portland… A lot of teams could have won a championship if Michael Jordan wasn’t in the NBA. But he’s there and you have to get through him and it’s not easy.

In the 1990s, nothing and no one could stop the No. 23 Bulls in the league. It wasn’t until 1993 and his first retirement that he saw someone lift the Larry O’Brien Trophy, and the Rockets took the opportunity to finish back-to-backs. Akagi has since bounced back, scoring his second hat-trick in just eight years. Who knows what would have happened if the guard didn’t retire for two seasons!

Charles Oakley is very supportive of his former teammate and believes that LeBron James will never be able to match him. If the king manages to collect the fifth and final ring before retiring, maybe the giant will change his mind…but there’s no guarantee.

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