JR Smith empties his bag, Westbrook takes it as his grade

NBA JR Smith on money and Los Angeles

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JR Smith has more or less retired from the field, but remains closely watching the evolution of the orange ball. One trend in particular, he doesn’t like him at all…so he’s already got several superstars on the subject, including Russell Westbrook.

Money flows in the major leagues, not least thanks to the staggering salaries of NBA stars. However, when we asked JR Smith about this, we quickly understood that the way they were using the dollar was not for him.in an interview i am an athlete, the former Lakers gave a great monologue on the topic. According to him, the priorities of athletes will not be right, and this is especially evident among athletes in Los Angeles:

JR Smith: ‘We prefer to spend in nightclubs than community’

Russell Westbrook, Paul George, DeMar DeRozan…I think of all these people who made a fortune, they’re from Los Angeles or the surrounding area. I thought, ‘How much did you make on your contracts? $150, $180, $200 million? So why are you training in a hall as famous as UCLA when you can do it near your home? You can inspire young people out there… In fact, athletes have no problem throwing $60,000 in a nightclub, but it’s hard for us to go out alone and help people in the neighborhood.

Among the stars from the City of Angels, a double-crowned tirade spared no expense. What the former full-back said is not entirely untrue, as many players are known to frequent nightclubs. Nonetheless, we must qualify the words of the 2013 Sixth Man, as many are people who help their communities through their associations.such as the Westbrook Management Foundation why not? Help poor children.

Also, Smith himself hasn’t really been a role model in the past, and he was known as a party freak in the 2010s. Everyone remembers his apparent drunkenness after his 2016 coronation with Cleveland or a strip club. Mid-season, he was in New York. However, according to him, everything changed two years ago enough to prompt him to reconsider everything:

I realized this when I won my ring in 2020. I feel like I’ve got it all, but I’m still not complete because I know I’m missing something. For a long time I had severe depression because I couldn’t figure out what it was. I’m tired of being a talker instead of a doer. I want to be one of the people who helps others, that’s the most important thing to me.

Important testimony from JR Smith, who did not hesitate to lash out at his peers about serious problems in American society and sports. We’re a far cry from the problem boys on the league floor 10 years ago…

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