Juan Pablo Moreno from Mende volley Lozère: “To end the season in the best way possible”

The pointu of Mende volley Lozère from Medellín (Colombia) faces individual and collective difficulties with determination. He looks back on his career and his adaptation of Mendoise.

How did you start volleyball?

In college, I was one of the greatest. A teacher suggested that I join the volleyball team to represent the school. I accept. At that time, I was just studying. I fell in love with it immediately.

At what age did you switch careers?

I am 17 years old. I signed Cruzeiro in Brazil. At the time I was playing for the B team and then I went to Juiz de Fora, another Brazilian team. Basically Cruzeiro’s B team. We were sent there for the Premier League. It is in this context that I start at the highest level.

And then you came to Europe…

Yes. I signed for the Bundesliga (Germany). Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned. I was injured and couldn’t take off. I had to go back to Colombia to start over.

You came to Mende at the end of last season after two years in Spain. How is your fit?

To be honest, it’s not easy. My adaptation is a complete process. I think it could have been better. But it doesn’t matter. My goal is to work every day and do the best I can no matter what’s going on around me.

This is your philosophy of life…

Yes, you must strive to enjoy every moment and never stop working, no matter what the difficulties are. This is what the sport wants.

Le Piencourt is your new paradise. How do you feel about the atmosphere around the team?

The fans are awesome, really. They surprised me. This is not the case everywhere in Europe. Usually people just watch the game. Here, they push us and encourage us. That’s great.

Overall, how was your life in Mende?

Not speaking French was the hardest part. It complicates everyday life. However, I try to live a normal life. The town is small and quiet. There is not much to do. But that’s not the problem. I came here mainly to play volleyball.

What about the first winter in Lozelle?

To be honest, it wasn’t as cold as I imagined. not bad. But I admit I miss the warmth of the sun.

Would you imagine one more year in the MVL, or leave at the end of the season?

We don’t know what will happen, if I am in Mende, in France or in another country. For now, I don’t think about it. I just want to end the season as best as possible for the team and myself.

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