Kevin Durant in shorts, Ja Morant in Boston, Luka Doncic vs Stephen Curry, bib and table

After an always busy Panzani Wednesday, the NBA will go on to play seven games this Thursday night and watch some really good shocks. Kevin Durant returning to the Heat, Grizzlies vs. Fort Celtics, Luka Doncic vs. Stephen Curry, and even the LA Derby, what a tantalizing show!

# Program for Thursday, March 3rd

  • 1 a.m.: Hawks-Bulls (beIN Sports 4)
  • 1h30: Celtics – Grizzlies
  • 1h30: Nets – Heat
  • 1h30: Raptors-Pistons
  • 2:30 a.m.: Mavericks-Warriors
  • 2h30: Spurs – Kings
  • 4 a.m.: Clippers-Lakers (beIN Sports 1)

#The game of the night, it’s up to us in the end

Celtics – Grizzlies (1h30): We know some people would prefer to see a Kevin Durant return or a duel between Steph and Luka, but Boston-Memphis still seems like the surest option for a good time. Ja Morant is literally on another planet right now, and he’s about to face almost the best thing in the NBA: the Celtics defense. Going back to the Cannonballs, the Little Greens are in such good shape (12 wins in their last 14 games) that they can overtake the Cavaliers for fifth place in the East. To that end, it will be necessary to get rid of a fang-like Memphis team by the end of the year. Not content with an easy schedule for next month, the Cubs saw the Warriors stumble in front of them. Depending on the results of the night, Memphis may wake up like a new phoenix dolphin!

# also see

  • A month and a half after the last game, Kevin Durant returned to the Nets. Without him, Brooklyn has won just five of 21 games. We bet the Heat will want to ruin KD’s homecoming season.
  • The Lakers will (again) try to get back into the top 8 of the Western Conference, and will take on the Clippers. When was the last time the Purple and Gold won a derby? That was July… 2020.
  • Two superstar leaders who find themselves on the court, do we really need to inspire you to watch Dallas Golden State?
  • To distance itself from the new Sixers, Chicago has to go to Atlanta to win. We hope the game will be as close as it was last week. Another DeMar DeRozan in Kings of Mode 4?
  • The Raptors were suspended against the Pistons, and now is the time to put pressure on the Cavaliers who can no longer do it.
  • Having been beaten by the Pelicans last night and already determined not to end with a positive balance sheet, the Kings have to react to the Spurs. Otherwise, they could seriously see the play-ins slip away.

7 games, a comeback, a derby, a couple of rushes, and tonight we’re going to be good at the rim again. Meet at Bluebird at 1:00 in the morning and experience it together.

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