Kevin Durant kneels in front of Eastern Conference stars

Kevin Durant isn’t known for giving up a lot of praise. So it’s all the more fun to contemplate on these rare occasions, where the Nets recently praised a player from the East. To say the least, the parties did not steal the praise!

DeMar DeRozan arrived in Chicago this summer, shining a thousand lights in Illinois. The fullback saw his career falter during his time in San Antonio, but that’s now a thing of the past. From now on, no one seems to be able to stop the leading scorer in Raptors history…until he keeps setting records. Against the Kings (125-118), He completely let himself put down something that had never been seen in history !

Doing better than Wilt Chamberlain or even Michael Jordan is very powerful, especially if you play for the Bulls. Unsurprisingly, after his myriad cards against Sacramento, the compliments poured in.His peers rave about him, including Kevin Durant Who is speaking on Twitter. His message to her was unequivocal, a terrific tribute to the Brooklyn-based scorer:

DeMar DeRozan praised by Kevin Durant after his record

Thank you for setting a good example and playing with the highest skill, DeMar DeRozan

For Taurus, this compliment is even more pronounced, as it is not known that the Thin Death often utters such compliments. His thing on social networks is tackling his haters! Regardless, it shows how impressive the players have impressed everyone this year, even the biggest names in the orange ball. Averaging 28 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists per game, he is obviously one of the candidates for this year’s MVP.

In fact, aside from individual merit, Chicago ranks among the best in the Eastern Conference. With 21 wins and 38 wins, Billy Donovan’s team has outperformed everyone’s expectations, and DMDR has a lot to do with it. The workforce was hit hard by health problems, but he was able to lead his people on a firm footing more than anyone else. Progress on five straight wins and the potential to make noise in the playoffs:

The holder of the next All-Star Game and head of the Bulls, DeMar DeRozan is living again after a more complicated few years. Seeing him pocket votes for MVP is far from scandalous, or even well-deserved.

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