Kevin Durant lashes out at LeBron/Jordan debate!

Brooklyn Nets' NBA superstar Kevin Durant makes big joke in response to debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James

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Like many players before him, Kevin Durant once again had to talk about the historic rivalry between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. The Nets star took the opportunity to speak up in this endless discussion!

As the Lakers continue to sink and remain within playoff non-play, LeBron James Find yourself seriously threatened. Indeed, missing the playoffs with players like Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook at his side would be a huge failure for the Kings.Then his critics will happily use it to criticize him Michael Jordan.

The long-standing rivalry between the two greatest players in history will obviously resurface, as has every success or failure of LBJ.She has also started to re-enter the conversation in the NBA community and was recently Kevin Durant in his podcast ETC. Slim Reaper has a chance to send important messages!

Kevin Durant dismantles the LeBron/Jordan debate

identical On whether he solved the goat problem on the sidelines of the All-Star GameKD refused to confront LeBron and Jordan this time, saying that this approach did not conform to any logic!

MJ will never play against LeBron. Why do we always compare these guys like they’re going to play against each other?

Instead of evaluating them against each other, the Nets star preferred to pay homage to their respective exploits, which left him in awe.

When you look at what they’ve done, there’s no need to compare, which is amazing for both parties. It goes beyond games and basketball. I’ve heard people say, “You’re this LeBron,” so he belongs to that legend too.

Durant, a contemporary of LeBron, may have minimized his strength, and he also beat him twice in the Finals. Instead, he really put the Lakers leader on a pedestal and put him in the same division as MJ!

I really think LeBron is from the same caste. What Michael Jordan did, like, there’s no comparison. Just not the same. do you understand me? These are things we’ve never seen before. They are all unique, all in their own field of excellence.

Despite Durantula’s good intentions, it’s not certain that the attempt at reconciliation between the two idol fans will be successful!

Kevin Durant refuses to compare Michael Jordan to LeBron James, preferring to classify them as NBA legends. A piece of news would no doubt please the king, but maybe not so much in his air!

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