Kevin Durant’s lewd sexual innuendo in press conference

After a long absence from the court, Kevin Durant has signed his long-awaited return to the Nets. The former Warrior has a chance to shine with the ball…but also in front of the mic, with a quip, despite his own funny connotations in front of the media.

He is he never left Kevin Durant His 31 points in 35 minutes marked his comeback, all against one of the best defenses in the league, Miami.Having left his partner due to injury during a painful period, Steve Nash’s men keep failing and managing drama James Harden, Durantula is back — it’s making everyone happy, including reporters.

Kevin Durant makes a lewd hint and corrects himself immediately

If Durant’s relationship with the media wasn’t always obvious, he’s matured with age and can now drop a few pearls…like after the game against the Heat:

“I’ll improve in the days ahead. I’ll be able to take on a bigger load. Wow, rest”.

No need to paint you a picture: The term “loading”, in other contexts, is a slightly more intimate approach than what KD’s remarks contained, just to show that he’s going to take on more responsibility and the ball over the next few weeks.

A joke aside, the Nets will need to win two NBA championships on a grand stage.bring one Ben Simmons should still have a good time on the sidelines Kyrie Irving is still limited by some grotesque restrictions related to the coronavirus, and KD knows he won’t have more time off in the final stretch before the playoffs.

That’s good: Winning a championship by becoming the team’s undisputed leader is what Durant has been aiming for since the Warriors, and picking up a ring in this case would give the 33-year-old a huge boost. The artist’s legacy has gone, once the sneakers hang.

Kevin Durant didn’t really focus on humor, and his clumsiness made people laugh involuntarily, which didn’t make reporters in the newsroom giggle. It doesn’t get much better than a little relaxation before the playoffs at home!

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