Kyrie Irving drops cash rating on Ben Simmons!

Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving both smile at the Nets

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Ben Simmons will be a Nets player in a few weeks while he’s back to normal physically and mentally.Meanwhile, his new teammates were asked about him, and Kyrie Irving has example Very free.

The Australians are taking Brooklyn!with the coming Ben Simmons In the days ahead in New York, the Nets will be able to count on three magnificent representatives of the Nation of Oz.So the recruits who finally found land after months in the Philadelphia conflict, along with Patty Mills and Kyrie Irvinga US team player, but was born in Melbourne.

Inevitably, that connection was important in helping the All-Star’s new life, while also helping to restore his love and taste for basketball. National team standout Patty Mills was quick to take her role as a mentor to heart in the media, with glowing remarks about the former 76ers. No matter what happens, he will be there.

Kyrie Irving thinks Ben Simmons is unique

Kyrie Irving was also asked about the arrival of a new teammate, and like all players, like all fans, he’s pretty excited about the idea of ​​being able to evolve with such a talent. He also gave a particularly rave review of his future partner, recalling that he could be particularly versatile in the field. Ben Simmons was spoiled, he was served!

Ben Simmons is unique in the NBA. I think we all have unique qualities and abilities and we will bring something different to the team. When I look at Ben, I see a lot of things he’s capable of doing and that he can bring to the field. I can imagine him playing in a lot of different positions.

We tend to forget that in his final postseason, but Ben Simmons can be a standout in the NBA. So obviously there’s something wrong with his shooting and that’s not going to stop him from bringing a lot to Brooklyn on offense, and Kyrie can feel it. For example, the Australian is one of the best players in the transition game in the league, which should bring some change to Steve Nash, who relies heavily on (too much?) the quality of KD and Uncle Drew in the halfcourt .

If he evolves into a leader, Simmons will thus be able to add some rhythm to this overly isolated offense, and if he evolves into the inside, he’ll be able to play a role similar to Nikola Jokic, from all ground areas . But the biggest quality of the multiple All-Stars remains his defense, especially at the end of the game, which helps the Nets a lot. The world can rediscover Ben Simmons if mayo needs it.

Ben Simmons is in good shape in the Nets locker room, depending on how he reacts on the court. The good thing is that he can count on two Australian friends, which will obviously speed up his integration.

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