Kyrie Irving finally reacts to his big news

Kyrie Irving has severe critical He even got approval from the team when he opted out of the vaccinations at the start of the season before returning part-time. But as the playoffs loom, he should be able to play every game — something he’s obviously very proud of.

Three weeks ago, the Nets’ season was a disaster, and there was no hope for the Barclays Center. efficient, Kevin Durant Knee injury, unable to bring all of his talent into the team, James Harden Before the trade with the 76ers, Kyrie Irving was also “injured”, and due to New York’s introduction of a vaccine pass, Kyrie Irving was only available 50% of the time.

But since that 11-game losing streak, the situation has completely reversed, and Steve Nash’s men are once again the favorites. KD should be back soon and he’ll have time to recover 100% before the playoffs, but most importantly, the team’s roster is deeper and more complete after the exchange with Philly.

Kyrie Irving proud of his fight against vaccines

Ben Simmons Will bring his defense and his transition game, Cesc Curry to his address, while Andre Drummond will bring a racket sized enough to contain Joel Embiid and other major players in the playoffs insider attack.As for Kyrie Irvinghe should be in all competitions soon End the Big Apple’s vaccination obligations. He also talked about it on social networks.

Accept the fight. accept. This is your battle. This is your life. This is your world.

In the words of American civil rights legend Maya Angelo, Kyrie Irving has taken a winning stance in an implicit war with local authorities. The point guard refused to get vaccinated, even if it meant putting his career on hold, and despite the much-maligned decision, he should have a chance to play in the playoffs in its entirety.

So the leader will have a chance to win a new title with his best friend, Kevin Durant, without having to get vaccinated…and he clearly has reason to smile. It remains to be seen whether Mayo will make its way to Brooklyn, and whether the new trio will fit in with the big time. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be fun in the East at the end of the season.

Kyrie Irving had to fight all odds season, but he should eventually be able to help his teammates in the playoffs. He prides himself on not cracking, even if it could have been avoided with a simple injection…

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