Kyrie Irving’s viral message to Celtics fans!

Heading to Boston this Sunday night, Kyrie Irving received a very hostile reception without too many surprises. The point guard anticipated this and posted a viral message about opposing fans in front of reporters. We imagine the whistle will be louder for the next game.

It’s not a party for the Nets, who have lost 17 of their last 20 games and just went negative, 32-33. Steve Nash didn’t thank Jayson Tatum for that, as the wing trailed Brooklyn by 54 points on Sunday night. Kevin Durant (37 points) was excellent, but he was better than him in this game.

For Brooklyn, we’re bound to worry about the turn of events, even if Ben Simmons strengthens the roster in a few weeks. Can the current dynamics change? Saying we can doubt, the Nets are no longer a championship favorite for some.have a look KD’s reaction after the loss Understand his disappointment.

Kyrie Irving mocks Celtics fans!

But this game was especially special for Irving to return to his hometown of TD Garden. The point guard didn’t stay long, which explains the many whistleblowers against the less popular player in the area. After the game, he was happy with the situation… an interesting comparison.

Kyrie Irving wants to hear the whistle for the rest of Boston’s career: “Like this neglected girlfriend who asked me to explain why she was leaving, always expecting something in return. »

An interesting explanation from Irving, which didn’t satisfy everyone on the Celtics. We’re talking about a player who leaves quickly and doesn’t impress him well. In any case, judging by his smile on the floor, Uncle Drew was not mistaken:

No, Kyrie Irving is not a friend of Boston fans, and this will last into his career. Nothing can bother the leader, at least as long as he returns to Massachusetts to win. Jayson Tatum intends to resist, just like this Sunday.

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