Lakers’ offer for Dennis Schroder rejected

The Lakers did try to bring Dennis Schroder back to the City of Angels at the deadline, but were unsuccessful. An offer was made to the Celtics, who ultimately opted for another solution, more precisely the Rockets. We just got a better understanding of Angelinos’ offense.

With a 26-31 record, the Lakers absolutely need to react over the next few weeks to keep the playoffs from getting too far away. Los Angeles’ losses are linked, but the All-Star break should be good for LeBron James and his company. Another goal? recruit.

The deal is too late for Pourpre et Or, which has yet to strike deals with other franchises. On the other hand, there’s a good chance you’ll see signings like Goran Dragic in free agency. despite this, Competition for leaders is fierce.

Lakers fail to file at deadline

Shortly after the deadline, we continued to learn about the different goals for Rob Pelinka, who apparently wanted to welcome a point guard. Despite launching an attack on his predecessor Dennis Schroeder, he did not succeed in the task. The latter was available, but the Celtics opted for the other direction.

Steve Bulpett of the Heavey website explains:

The Celtics considered the option of releasing Dennis Schroder because keeping him in the summer was nearly impossible. The Lakers offered him several second-round picks and a minimum contract, but the Celtics opted to reunite with Daniel Theis.

Instead of accepting the Lakers, the Celtics accepted the offer from the Rockets and chose Theis, who will perform well at critical moments. Good news for Boston and even less for Los Angeles, which failed to regain the lead by the deadline.

What’s bothering Angelinos? No, not for LeBron James by any means. He confided in the famous deadline, use strong words. Kings teammates have no choice: We have to figure out a way to shine in the playoffs.

The Lakers were without Dennis Schroder at the deadline but still hope to have him on the market with a buyout. It would be a better situation, even if the franchise is now facing competition…

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