Lakers owner’s ole-ole tweet about KD and Tony Parker!

Los Angeles Lakers NBA owner Jeanie Buss has signed some very controversial tweets in the past, including about Tony Parker or Kevin Durant

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Today, Twitter is proving to be a very useful communication tool for NBA celebrities, but it can also spark big posters. Evidence, including old messages posted by Jeanie Buss that have resurfaced in recent hours, and her inappropriate comments about Kevin Durant, Tony Parker, and many others!

For several years, old tweets containing sulfur found overnight have been trending in the NBA. Fans love to scour the social networks of the league’s biggest names for news of controversial content. Their discoveries are often sensational, as was recently discovered on the account of Lakers owner Jeanie Buss!

Jenny Buss shows off her old top tweets

Before becoming one of the league’s most storied teams, Jeanie Buss was a longtime Purple and Gold fan. As a result, his Twitter activity is completely different from that of the average leader.Leader used to post very sulphur content like her ole-ole comparison Kevin Durant With her ex-husband Phil Jackson, or her voice for Tony Parker!

Kevin Durant has very long arms, just like Phil Jackson. It can be very useful.

I just met Kevin Love from UCLA/Timberwolves.He could replace Tony Parker as the sexiest player in the NBA

Between them, the tweets have been enough to set the web on fire. However, they are far from the only ones of their kind to be found. For fun, a small collection of bold comments made by the boss angelino at the time!

To end the Kobe match. Jordan – Bryant is by far the better looking of the two.

On the bus to Staples… CP3 is off tonight. Too bad he’s cute.

The game is about to start.Kobe is super sexy in this new black mamba tee

I just met Jonny Flynn of the Minnesota Timberwolves before the game. If I had the No. 1 pick, I’d take him. He is cute.

“Lamar (Odom), take your socks off! That’s what we shouted when he entered the game.

@kevinlove your ad is really funny and sexy – show us more! But @reallamarodom is still my favorite NBA wing.

Today, Jenny Buss is very careful in her communications, and she doesn’t always apply so many filters to her statements. Proof, these tweets now take on a whole new dimension!

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