LBE | Nadia Mielke-Offendal moves from Paris to Chambray

Nadia Offensive (Paris 92)

Danish centre-back Nadia Mielke-Offendal is one of the best players in the tournament and has been signed at Chambray for the next two seasons. Jannela Blonbou, on the other hand, committed to Paris 92.

It’s a hell blow Chambre Toulin handball. Nadia Mielke – Offendal, one of the best players in the Butagaz energy league since joining Paris 92 in 2020, will leave the capital to join the club on the outskirts of Tours, signing for the next two seasons. The Danish central defender, who came from the capital Odense, was selected as the MVP of the Championship after his first season, and is still one of the top scorers in the Championship this season (7th, scoring 64 goals), That’s still the six goals scored in Nice ten days ago. With Merlin Noucandi (Metz) on the verge of arriving in the capital, Offendale had to look for a new club, and while she wanted to stay in France, Chambre took the chance to get the 27-year-old striker back.

Jannela Blonbou and Jérôme Delarue to leave Chambray

Nadia Offendal’s trajectory will span Janella BloomThe right-back, who arrived at Chambray from Nice two years ago, has caused greed. A few days ago, she signed with Paris 92 for two years. The France international will find her partner in the 2017 European Junior Champions generation, Melin Nocandi, in Issy. At 23, she also hopes to find the French team, with whom she won the 2017 World Championship and the 2018 European Championship.

Another big change on Chambre’s side is the outgoing Jerome De La Rue, the club’s coach. However, the former coach of Chartres among the boys persuaded him during his time at Chambray to elevate the club to a place in Europe. Delarue expresses his disappointment at not being extended new republiche sees himself staying at the club and sticking to his project. Christopher BuhallThe club’s general manager confided in the same article that he did not feel the coach’s desire to register with CTHB for a long time and therefore decided not to renew his contract. The name of Delarue’s successor on the Chambray bench is unclear.


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