LeBron James: “Going there after the Lakers? I’m not closing”

At nearly 38 years old, LeBron James continues to perform at an extraordinary level that has never been seen at such an advanced age in history. All of this suggests that the Kings still have a few years left in the top flight, but on which team? Apparently, the Akronites had some ideas in their heads…

Summer 2023. LeBron JamesIt will be very close to his 40th birthday and he will be a free agent again. As always, despite the heaviness of the years, the entire NBA will panic about its next destination. In an interview with The Athletic, King brought up the topic — something he usually rarely does, instructive to say the least.

Realised that he had accomplished his mission in Los Angeles by bringing the Angelinos their first title since 2010, and on a personal level, becoming the first in history to lead 3 teams in a coronation ceremony Players on different teams, the former Heat appears to be weighing options for the rest of his career. Reporter Jason Lloyd’s question focused on one specific team: Cleveland.

LeBron praises Cavaliers for not closing in Cleveland

So is it possible to return in 2023, 5 years after the start of 2018? LeBron’s answer was clear:

I will not close the door to this possibility. I’m not saying I’ll come back to play for the Cavaliers, I don’t know. We don’t know what the future holds.

So the door is at least ajar, especially since the Chosen One is a fan of what it sees in Ohio (the promising Cavaliers are fourth in the East, editor’s note):

I think Kobe Altman did a great job and was drafted well. Jarrett Allen…This acquisition is huge. Darius Garland is clearly a big name player and I think Kevin Love’s role on this team elevates this team. They saw a sacrificed veteran, a former champion who had accomplished a lot, and agreed to come off the bench. I’m not surprised by their success.

The problem in this hypothetical scenario is that the Cavaliers don’t really want the King back on his land. Just a few weeks ago, Darius Garland admitted that he and his teammates wanted to make their mark in Cleveland without LeBron, and that turning the team around without the prodigy didn’t help. The ability to get back to the top is important to the locker room…

We want to make our mark on Cleveland. It’s a new-look team, a new identity. true rebirth. That’s invaluable to us (shining without LeBron, editor’s note).

So the next thing to do is know that the Kings can also retire as the Cavaliers by signing a token one-day contract at the end of his epic, which is fairly common practice in the United States.

LeBron James’ free agency is now only 18 months away, but there’s already excitement around the Kings, and those words will clearly have Uncle Sam’s nation talking. The shaking of the NBA planet won’t end until the summer of 2023. .

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