LeBron: “That’s when I realized I was a goat”

LeBron James isn’t hiding that he considers himself the best player in history. According to him, there is an argument supporting this hypothesis, referring to his greatest achievement in the NBA. Indeed, very strong!

When it comes to leading the major league GOAT debate, LeBron James Find yourself systematically against the same opponent, Michael Jordan. It must be said that the former Bulls have a perfectly legitimate resume for the unofficial honor, especially given his 100 percent success in the Finals (six starts, six championships). A feat often used to discredit the king’s status, he has lost many times at this stage of the game.

Still, with four championship rings and four MVP honors, the Lakers have reason to disagree. When asked by TNT during All-Star Weekend, he explained why he considers himself the best player of all time. According to him, one achievement will make a difference: winning a championship with Cleveland in 2016. Faced with the Warriors’ record, the Warriors then ended a record season with a 73-9 record, but the Cavaliers won the series after going 3-1. A historic feat that the winger will always remember:

The 2016 headline, LeBron’s shock argument in the GOAT debate

I thought to myself, I’m the best basketball player people have ever seen, in every way. I can play any position, I can defend any position, I’m really doing something that has never been done in the history of the sport. A team trailing 3-1 has never won in 32 attempts in Finals history. No one succeeded and no one gave us a chance. I tell myself that no one is better than me at this.

In fact, the Ohio man’s comeback remains one of the wildest performances in Orange Ball history. While everything is under control at Dubs, Bron & co. Pull together to force fate.Between Game 7’s Chosen blocks, his triple-double and decisive shot Kyrie Irving, the Cavaliers gave us an unforgettable basketball moment. On top of that, finally sacrificing the four-peat MVP in his city, his hometown, was thus redeemed after a stormy start to 2010:

Did the 2015-16 collection of rings make LeBron James the goat of his discipline? He tends to think so, and we can’t really blame him. To be sure, however, others would simply not agree with him, especially Michael Jordan supporters.

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