LeBron’s agent steps up on Westbrook case!

An embarrassing rumor has surfaced ahead of the trade deadline as LeBron James continues to slip and tackle at the Lakers general manager. Very frustrated, Rich Paul, the Kings and Anthony Davis’ agent, wanted a cash reaction.

The All-Star Game festivities won’t let us forget, though, it’s been a nuisance for the Lakers. Only ninth in the West, LeBron James’ teammates appear to be heading straight for the play-ins. And, despite strong demands from locker room executives, things got worse in the City of Angels as management didn’t move by the trade deadline.

Recently, Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus revealed that the Lakers would reject a trade that would send Russell Westbrook and the first-rounder of the 2027 draft to Houston in exchange for John Wall. According to the reporter, the lack of recklessness will irritate LeBron James and his agent, Klutch Sports owner Rich Paul.

Ricky Paul comes to the fore in Westbrook dossier

The problem is that, according to Paul, this is completely fictional. So he reached out to Stephen A. Smith, who became his face on his last television appearance:

Rich Paul called me yesterday and asked me to respond on his behalf to Klutch Sports’ story about him and LeBron wanting the Lakers to trade Russell Westbrook and a first-round pick against John Wall.

He wanted me to say absolutely that, under any pretext, there was absolutely no truth to it. He never did that and never wanted to. The person who wrote this article has never contacted him to find out what he thinks about it. He said it was definitely a lie and asked me, quoting, “Can you do me a favor and tell the world that it was wrong for me to say it myself?” None of that happened. “

You’ll get the idea: This is a reconstituted Rich Paul who insists on making the loudest denials through Stephen A. Smith and his massive platform. And now for the end of the story: is the famous agent telling the truth and only the truth, or is he trying to make amends after rumors spread, which turned the locker room into a purple and/or subtle situation?

Only he and a few interested parties have the answer to that question, but Smith’s media outlet at least hopefully unifies the Lakers’ merits.As a reminder, it is LeBron James He wanted Russell Westbrook’s arrival last summer and pushed general manager Rob Pelinka to make the deal instead of validating Buddy Hield’s arrival. Not the king’s best idea, you have to admit…

As always, the trade and rumor game in the NBA is akin to lying poker, and it’s hard to know whether this harsh denial is sincere, or if it’s a face-saving effort after the Bleacher Report came to light. Regardless, this season has definitely been under the dramatic banner of the Lakers…

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