Let’s remember the end of Sunday’s game, not Saturday’s

That’s it, the 71st NBA All-Star Weekend revealed all its secrets.Three days of glory, three days of starlight, definitely not three days of basketball, even if we know it, but in the end, memories full of memories, good and bad, because This is my povr Lucette game. Come on, can we recap it all for you?

Rising star who is getting plastic surgery, has an idea you have to dig

Aside from telling you about the celebrity game where Italian high jumpers jump high and the celebrity game where we can see rappers off the phone and Kelly swearing at the NFL hercules are useless, let’s talk about playing against the best kids in the league Nova is…original. The new version of the event has four seven-player teams each incorporating a crack, two semifinals and a final from the Ignite team in the G League, so using the Elam Ending system, which is nice, and Even gave us a little strength. Another novelty?The doubles shot before the finals, and the Clutch Challenge, which pays homage to the famous shot in NBA history, and most importantly, thank poor Scotty Barnes for one of the dumbest shots ever fool’s gamedespite being the hero of the night himself, was awarded the game’s MVP with Cade Cunningham by his team Barry.

The Skills Challenge has also been reworked and we had a good laugh but most importantly we didn’t understand anything

Something new again. Three teams, consisting of three players, the Antetos (Giannis, Alex, and Thanasis Antetokounmpo), the Rooks (Cade Cunningham, Josh Giddey, and Scottie Barnes), and the Cavaliers (Darius Garland, Evan Mobley, and Jarrett Allen), and a … slalom, shooting, passing and gaunt looks. All that’s missing is a shuffle and some pigeon shooting to make the party even crazier In the end, the kids from Cleveland are going to win in front of the home crowd, and we’re happy for them, but we’re still having a headache.

3-point game, thanks to Karl-Anthony Towns for saving us the night

The best moments of Saturday night, of course. Luke Kennard was eliminated in the first round, Trae Young didn’t give his share to the dogs, but most importantly, Karl-Anthony Towns Anthony Towns) took his word and beat the game with two insane rounds. They say adults can’t shoot? this is not right.

Slam Dunk Contest…should we talk about it?

So this, we risk staying in the throat for a while. An hour of embarrassment, sixty minutes of boredom, let’s not be afraid of words. Cole Anthony wasted a little entertainment, Juan Toscano-Anderson still wondered what he was doing in this mess, Poor Jaylen Green clings to the label of a young jerk who could take a long time to shake off, even if, oh guys, it’s just a slam dunk contest, we remind you. In this huge void, Obitopin still managed to pull off a couple of dunks we won’t remember in an hour, and at least the Knicks can say they’ve won something in 2022.

star game for curry paste

It’s clearly crossed over badly, and it ends very well, really. Announcing Donovan Mitchell out, Chris Paul injured, who…also played seconds in the first quarter, three first quarters made opponents vomit, hallelujah, game over , again in the spotlight with the Elam Ending system, the end of the game once again pays tribute to Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetokounmpo and most importantly these gentlemen Stephen Curry and LeBron James. Giannis? 30/12/6/3/1 to 15/21 Shooting and big defense at the end of the game. Joel? 36/10/4 to 14/20 field goal percentage and last squat at the free throw line, yes, even during the All-Star Game. Stephen? Omg. 50 points, 16/27 from the parking lotlol, what else can I say, except legend and arrogance tattooed on his little thorn face. LeBron James? We close the page with our fifth win in five games since the creation of the All-Star Game captaincy, thanks to the… game winner, and… LeBron James’ game winner . At home, in Cleveland, in his kingdom, in front of Michael Jordan and all the legends tonight.

The most historic moment of this All-Star Weekend?Of course the All-Star break

Drumming. Can we really imagine a better life than seeing the best players in history gathered in Cleveland, the hometown of LeBron James and Stephen Curry? All these beggs in costumes and smiling? Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan hug? Kevin Garnett clenched his fist when he saw Ray Allen? The halo of Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? Shaquille O’Neal’s antics? And, of course, the long-awaited check-in between LeBron and Jojo is one of the most beautiful snapshots of life in Orange Ball history? The answer is no, of course, the moment is intense, magical and historic. Wow.

Three days quickly passed, and Dan Gilbert had passed the baton to the Jazz for the 2023 All-Star Game, thirty years after the 1993 All-Star Game had been organized by the… Jazz, of course. Not sure how crazy it will be a year from now, even if it certainly won’t be, so don’t wait, watch these images again, relive these moments because it’s absolutely crazy, especially done.

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