Ligue 1: Arago de Sett was powerless in the game and fell quickly to Chaumont

For day 21 of the Serie A men, Arago was powerless at Chaumont’s pitch.

If Chaumont VB 52 Haute-Marne is looking for a reference match ahead of the “play-off”, it will surely find it in public on Saturday 12 February, against Sète. Can’t play three rounds at allChaumontais played a recital, distilling a high level of volleyball that Héraultais had never been able to handle.

Setova’s untamable quality of service led the Severbist to a successful start to the game. on the other side of the net, Heraultais, they made too many unforced errors Hope to play in the first minute (11-6). Chaumontais held the gap (13-9) while showing a solid and reliable reception. The difference on the scoreboard is even more pronounced: 25-20 in 27′.

At the time of restoration, the balance of power remained mainly in favor of the Upper Marnai, who in addition to continuing their recitals of service, along with Aciobanitei, continued Lots of destructive work (4-0)Returning to duty, the latter inflicted further damage on the visiting defence, extending the advantage (15-6). That gap didn’t stop both teams from putting on some incredible “rallies” (25-18 in 23′).

Geller out with injury

Last chance in this round Setvisitor Keep multiplying by the technical approximation (8-4). On the other half of the pitch, the display was comprehensive, with an offensive realism across the width of the net that delighted Palestra’s (12-7) public. If the Sétois reduce their waste rate, they still have to deal a fresh blow, with their captain Baptiste Geiler withdrawing with a sprained right ankle. Despite the outburst from Arago (18-18). Herrera’s new ace provided a fatal break for Sète’s ambitions (25-22 in 26 minutes).

Technical Information:

Chaumont 3 – 0 Alagoset

Set details: 25-20, 25-23, 25-22.

Referee: Sir. Cuffs and Vander Beacon.

Chaumont: 39 winning offenses (11 Herrera); 8 winning blocks (Mergarejo 3); 10 serving winners (Aciobanitei 4); 16 unforced errors (Gueye and Corre 4).

Six starts: Mergarejo (15), Gueye (9), Corre (cap., 1), Aciobanitei (10), Herrera (15), Alonso (7). Freeman: Massimino. Otolaryngology. : S. Planty.

Arago suit: 37 kills (Sclater 15); 3 winning zones (Gauna, Karlitzek and Kreek 1); 4 serving winners (Crick 2); 18 unforced errors (Karlitzek 5).

Six starts: Gauna (4), Chirivino, Geiler (cap, 3), Sclater (15), Karlitzek (5), Kreek (9). Freeman: Dwyze. Playing: Garcia, Berio (5), Picard (3), Diop.

Otolaryngology. : P. Duflos.

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