Ligue A: No MHSC volleyball for another day in capital move

Day 22 of MHSC-VB League A moves to Plessis Robinson this Saturday, February 19th.

That lack of consistency and regularity was enough to unsettle Errotay’s night as the playoffs loomed. Olivier Lecat’s band played again last night against Plessis-Robinson (3-0) ten days after their loss against Turcon (1-3) Appears very pale. If somewhere in between, MHSC VB posted a big game against Tours (3-2), the third place in the championship would have to rectify the situation quickly. How could a team that could topple future CEV Cup semi-finalists find themselves dominating the PRVB’s wide field?It’s obviously hard to answer, but it does have Many parameters need improvement If the Montpellier residents want to do well in the play-offs.

messy reception

If Plessis Robinson certainly has solid arguments and is eager to find his way to victory after four consecutive defeats, then MHSC VB is clearly not wearing the warm-up blue worthy of a club hoping for a brighter spring. If In the beginning, duo Theofre and Nicolas Lazzo covered mistakes (10-9), then Suihkonen’s explosive success started rewarding Robinsonnais’ work (15-12, 25-20).and A fusion of good quality of service and ecstatic publicitythe Ile-de-France club tested each other’s reception.

Tourists are contemplating, looking for his second wind. Overwhelmed by vistas and oppositional zeal, Montpellier on the edge of a cliff (18-10, 25-14). Despite Demyanenko’s rebellious attempts in the block air, visitors were overtaken for lack of accuracy and inaccuracy.

A godsend for PRVB, it sails with a very high standard of service (12 ace!) at the expense of each other’s reception and Complete Eero Morale in groups of three (26-24). There are only five games left in the playoffs.

??competition is over??@prvball92 3/0 @MHSCVolley #volleyball #match #defeat #lnv #mhscvb #I’m #montpellier

— MHSC-VB (@MHSCVolley) February 19, 2022

Technical Information:

Plessy Robinson 3 – 0 Montpellier

All-round sports area.

Set details: 25-20, 25-14, 26-24.

Referee: Sir. Brassat and Jacob.

PLESSIS-Robinson: Narobin (8 points), Ruzier (8 points), Suyikonen (15 points), Henry (7 points), Nevote (8 points), De Leon Guimaraes (17 points).

Montpellier: Lazo (12), Demianenko (7), Cardan (6), Faure (15), Krajkovic (2), Gonzalez.

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