Limoges CSP: Focus on full-back Mehdi Bellil after spotting Algerian man

At 100% CSP, we are interested in the support of hopeful team Mehdi Bellil. On January 26, he joined the Algeria team for the first time in the Arab Nations Championship in Dubai. He also faced one of his club teammates, Yusuf Kehat, who won the game in LebanonWhen he left the training center a few months later, Medhi Bellil was looking to enter the professional world. Born in Tizi Ouzou in Kabylia, Mehdi Bellil came to the French Jura region at the age of 2. It was there, at the small club of Salins les Bains, that he started playing basketball at the age of 10. His journey will not go unnoticed. “For my small club, it is a sense of pride to have players who can play in Ligue 1.It’s really their pride and mine‘ he explained.

More and more young people want to come to Limoges to train

During his 6 years with various youth teams in CSP, Mehdi Bellil has seen and experienced the club’s progress in this regard. In his eyes, the training center is attracting more and more people :”More and more young people want to come to Limoges for training. With Arnold as coach, we’ve had good results and the players have improved. At the organizational level, there is indeed an evolution. They make sure we train to the max and make sure we don’t study too badly. It attracts more and more people.“Medhi Bellil is called”Worker“His coaches are aiming for a win at the Trophée du futur in Beaublanc at the end of the season. But before that, there is a regular season to end well and the idea of ​​continuing to improve. Especially at the touch of With the professional group he now trains every day.

The most important thing is to play and keep improving

It’s beneficial because you learn a lot from coaches and players. There are fairly experienced players. I’m thinking of Nicolas Lang and Demonte Harper. Their basketball IQ is high.It’s really fun to learn with them every day“It is estimated that the 20-year-old is back. This advice from the CSP executive must be valuable as Medhi Bellil is in the final year of what he hoped to be. In a few months, he will have to leave his cocoon in Limoges to try his luck with the professionals.. “I hope to find out in the short term, starting from next season, why not the national 1 team.I think the most important thing is to play and continue to improve and then climb the ladder to the highest level“Mehdi explained that he agreed with his coach, Arnaud Tessier, on this point.

Bringing Algeria back to the forefront of African basketball

With that in mind, this call-up for Algeria is The Gospel of Gaining Experiencebesides being a huge sense of pride:”It is my pride to represent the country I was born in. my parents’ country. It was really a good experience to see some international basketball games. Algerian basketball has been around for several years and our goal is to bring it back into the African basketball scene.Build future teams that will excel in international competitions“. But in order to get a place in the club, Medhi Bellil knows what he has to do:”I already have to improve defensively and finish close to the circle. I want to be more consistent until the end of the season.“Medhi Bellil intends to take full advantage of his final months and the hopes and strengths of the Limoges CSP to continue improving before flying solo.

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