Lost to Spain, France finished 4th in the World Cup

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The French team lost to Spain in the small final of the Egypt Handball World Championships and won the fourth place in the World Cup.

The Blues do not have a bronze medal. The French team, which has dominated the handball world for many years, lost to Spain in the “Small Final” of the World Handball Championship on Sunday 31 January 29-35. The French ran from start to finish after scoring and could never get past the Spaniard.

The Spaniard is on the podium at the World Championships for the first time since winning the title in 2013. With this fourth place, the six-time world champion (1995, 2001, 2009, 2011, 2015 and 2017) the Frenchman missed his first World Cup podium since 2013. It was also the first time since 2004 that the Blues have gone without a medal in two matches. Heavyweights got stuck before winning Euro 2006, which would kick off a decade of specialists, consisting of overwhelming domination (4 World Champions, 2 Olympics, 3 Europeans) until the end of 2017 A world champion.

The slow decline from 2018 was confirmed after the departures of legends Thierry Omeyer and Daniel Narcissus – 3rd at Euro 2018, 3rd at World Cup 2019, 4th at World Cup 2021, but The Blues are on the other side with a Euro 2020 first-round knockout, with manager Didier Dinart replaced by his assistant Guillaume Gille.

Guillaume Gill admitted: “We all dream of a better race, but a semi-final, a race for third place, shows us our current limits and the way we still have to go. “

wounded rain

Reaching the semi-finals when we know the Blues arrived in Egypt without icon Nikola Karabatic, suffered a knee injury in mid-October and were sidelined for a long time, and lost goalkeeper Wesley Paddin along the way Still a satisfaction. Luka Karabatic and N.1 left back Timothey N’Guessan. All are new employees.

“It’s sad to end like this, but unfortunately I don’t think we can do that between the breakdowns that have occurred since the beginning of January. When you want to go further, you have to be able to hold on, you need A workforce, rotation, that has prevented us from getting the necessary freshness in the last four games,” captain Michael Gigu said.

These results from Mondial-2021 make it possible to consider the Olympic Qualifying Tournament (TQO) in Montpellier in mid-March, against three strong teams: Croatia, last year’s European vice-champion, Portugal and Tunisia. The premise is that you have more control over the start of the game.

Corrales hates France

In this World Cup (Switzerland, Algeria, Iceland, Hungary, Sweden), the Blues have often given their opponents the lead from the start (0-4). Jean-Jacques Acvirillo, who advanced to left-back N.1 ahead of Romain Lagarde, unlocked the counter after more than 5 minutes of play…

Leaders Kentin Mahé (2/6) and Nedim Remili (2/8), along with left-wing captain Michaël Guigou (2/5), faced the same rules as Spanish goalkeeper Rodrigo Corrales, making 16 saves in the game, 10 of which came only in The first stage. If Vincent Gerrard (12 saves) catches up to his mismatch with Sweden (1), the Blues will never be able to make up their initial deficit.

However, they trailed by just two goals (14-12) at the end of the first quarter and then just one goal after the break, with Ludovic Fabregas scoring a goal (16-12). 15). The comeback is over: Against Sweden, they quickly lost hope in the face of a stop by the opposing goalkeeper and a beating by the Duisebayev brothers (14 goals between them).

Against the Spaniards with a more intensive workforce, the Blues do not have enough manpower to play the savior. Only Hugo Descat is the Frenchman at this World Cup and has scored seven goals in a period to keep the Frenchman out of the scoring.

“As a contender, you’re never satisfied and determined to see an opponent win a confrontation. Still, when you look at what we went through against the Hungarians, what we had to deal with in terms of the workforce, I found the class to be very positive. That’s what I have to keep in mind. We showed a good image of the ‘French Hand’,” tried to speak positively to the coach after the session.

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