Louves de Saint-Dié facing Le Cannet

After winning a playoff ticket brilliantly, Rufus will have a more accurate idea of ​​what awaits them tonight if they win the timpani by accident. So to measure the gap, some say it’s between a very good elite team and the best team at the national level. Voléro Le Cannet, a club with deep pockets, has again made a big splash at the Euros (out of just a quarter by the Romanians in Albabraj) and is currently working with ASPTT Mulhouse, if anything, another famous club.

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Following Mougin’s exploits, the meeting came at an opportune time, to the delight of Manu Dumortier, who was very happy to be part of such a feast: “It was an excellent reward for us, the opportunity to showcase all that has been achieved Progressing club since 2015! Of course we have to make the most of our luck, we can get everything from this kind of meeting. If we lose 3-0 it would be logical, if we can take one or two It will be absolutely fantastic. It will also be an opportunity for the players to show themselves. For the most experienced, for the youngest. »

Four games from Europe!

As for knowing whether the Blues will play through and through, especially before taking over for Tver in the league this Saturday, Coach Deodatian has no doubts: “Obviously we were an aperitif for Le Cannet before Tver, but We’re going to make sure it’s as spicy as possible. The most important thing is that Le Cannet can’t waste any game. Our goal is first to play a good game and second to prove to our supporters that we are approaching a new level, The third is to assess the difference between the two levels. Still, no, Le Cannet cannot ignore it! »

Participating in the round of 16 at the Coupe de France pro doesn’t happen every day, and this should attract a lot of spectators, or not admirers of Louves. It will be a real celebration for Deodat volleyball, as Manu Dumortier points out, “just 4 games away from the European Cup. “Because yes, if Saint-Dieu wins this cup, the club will actually be in Continental Cup.

More seriously, Manu Dumortier sees only one small inconvenience for the big game: “If we don’t have injuries to be sad, there are only positives to take away from playing at such a high level. . . will only be positive. »

Saint-Die will line up: Molinger, Starr, Boley, Germanier, Corne, Pereira, Ghoul, Darden, Almer, Lefebvre, Pehar.

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