Luxembourg’s brief defeat and elimination

The Luxembourgers ended their weekend in the Faroe Islands with a narrow (29-28) win over Italy, which knocked them out of the 2023 World Cup after beating the hosts on Friday. , (31-26) Saturday (30-30) against Latvia.

In the third game in 48 hours, the Grand Duchy’s selection got off to a false start and soon found itself chasing the score (8-3, 12th). But Nikola Malesevic’s men held on, and if they never took the lead, they had a chance to grab a draw and qualify in the closing seconds. The one-goal defeat was largely due to Chris Ogg’s stellar performance in goals (12 saves, including a crucial penalty a minute later), especially after half-time, and with Jan. Hoffman’s 7 goals.

Hours later, the Faroe Islands thrashed Latvia (26-19) to knock out Luxembourg, another result that would have kept them in the qualifiers. After their return to the country, the Luxembourg selection team will play a double against Belgium the following Thursday (in Lacock) and Saturday (in Hasselt) in a play-off for the European qualifiers.

(Essential / Tom Vergez)

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