Matteo Palacios, Tour’s new Argentine weapon

The young Argentina U18 international has just settled in Roussiyon.

There’s a new wind blowing in the HBCT locker room. The fresh air is exhilarating, which is associated with the recent arrival of a certain Mateo Palacios. A 23-year-old young handball player with a physique closer to a reed (1.75 m, 66 kg) than an oak, completely unknown in France, but Argentine handball bets a few pesos on him. In the land of the tango, the central defender or winger of the La Plata student club, engaged in the honor league (D1), has the reputation of “continuous scorer”. Explosive, capable of pinning defenders with flashes on the spot, and precise across the full range of shots, the recruit from Thir should soon bring a new dimension to the attacking zone. Arriving in the Catalan nation two weeks ago, the under-18 international has spoken out three days before his trip to Parma. Four goals were scored in the final package. Despite discovering a completely different environment, new culture, new partners. “I’m happy to open up to something completely different! I’ve barely touched French handball, but in one match I’ve realised it’s a different concept of play than at home. I already know it’s very physical, I’m just touching it for the first time. I’m going to have to get used to…” In that regard, no doubt. Converting his technicality to an all-terrain game is expected soon. Out of curiosity, Palacios had long planned to make the jump in Europe. But affected by the epidemic, he had to learn to be patient. “My club was told that I wanted to come and play in France. In Argentina, the championship was still in progress and unfortunately I had to leave before the game was over. But no one blamed me, we celebrated my departure from Tours. Here, I am affected by A warm welcome from all. I will do my best to live up to the expectations of me. »

Thuir, after Imperial City and Barcelona…

To facilitate his integration, Mateo Palacios takes French lessons every week. The necessary steps to get into the mold so that it can best reach its full potential. But before joining France, the Argentines had passed through Spain. Not in backpack compass mode, but trying their luck at Real City (Madrid) and the great Barca three years ago. “I don’t hide my ambitions. My dream is to be a professional player in Europe. So I went to training camps for a few weeks with these two big clubs in La Liga, Asova. I learned a lot there and now I think Make yourself famous in the French Championship. Why not, one day wear the shirt of the great Argentine and Diego Simonet*…” If HBCT can be a springboard for its project, then interested people will keep their eyes open and live right now. Pau-Nousty, an opponent of the “green and white” event in Beyon on Saturday (4.45pm), was very interested in guarding against the little phenomenon.

* Argentina international Diego Simonet is a center for HB Montpellier

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