Michael Jordan was severely neglected at the All-Star Game

Appearing in Cleveland on the occasion of All-Star Weekend, Michael Jordan seemed to be having a good time. However, the six-time champion also insisted on snubbing the legend of the Orange Ball… The problem is, over time, the player’s comments made him very angry.

If he apparently didn’t make the All-Star Game this year, Michael Jordan is still in the news a lot in recent days.we will pay special attention His viral exchange with LeBron James, but the former Chicago player was also honored for his career as part of a list of the 75 best athletes in NBA history. Like all the other winners, he received a standing ovation before Sunday night’s All-Star Game:

Charles Barkley snubbed by Jordan at All-Star Game

As we’ve seen, his ethereal takes time to shake hands as often as possible, including those of former rivals like Patrick Ewing and David Robinson. On the other hand, a member of this prestigious council finds himself completely ignored by a former Taurus: Charles Barkley. Yet Jordan was by his side for a moment without condescending to greet him. What a wind for Chuckster!

Having said that, given the context, this behavior of MJ is not surprising. Barkley, a TNT analyst since retiring in 2000, is known for verbally mocking players or teams he doesn’t like. Mike’s years-long Hornets have been on his radar in the past, and Bath City had a tough run of campaigns before LaMelo Ball arrived. So, a great opportunity for Sir Charles to deliver a punchline.

However, all these statements are not to the taste of n°23, which Relationship with ex appears to be completely broken, like the one with him and Scottie Pippen. He and Barkley were among the heartbroken fans of the 1992 Dream Team. However, as Charles Oakley recently explained, Chuck has crossed the line many times and can’t expect miracles:

He will never be able to return to Jordan’s closed circle. It doesn’t matter what he does. They really don’t have a good relationship. That’s what happens when you show off on TV and Charles pays. We no longer invite him to any events, even though he always offers to play golf.

Charles Barkley can ignore any joint activity with Michael Jordan in the coming months. The former full-back made it clear this weekend that he has no intention of re-establishing links with his former opponent. it’s a pity…

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