More players, more rest days: a revolution for the 2023 World Cup in France!

Five days minimum rest and groups of 33 players per selection: World Rugby has decided to extend the rest period between each World Cup match, thus postponing the 2023 Final by one week, until October 28.  This decision to extend the rest period between each match is not a trivial one: With at least five days left, the competition is extended by a week while select groups will increase from 31 to 33 players.  That all teams have the same number of refund days.
During the 2023 World Cup in France, each team will have at least 5 rest days between each match as well as groups of 33 players, not 31. (© AFP / Archives / FRANCK FIFE)

that it great novelty which just became official the scientistThis Monday, February 22nd. L ‘World Rugby’s governing body I decided, in fact, to grant a “minimum of Five days off For each team between each match World Cup 2023, thus changing the end of the tournament for one week (until October 28). As a result, the group stage will also be extended by one week and The size of groups allowed by players will be increasedmoving from 31 to 33 players per team.

Laporte: “France 2023 is the fairest World Cup of all time”

The aim of this measure is “toImprove recovery and preparation”, refers to the world rugby game. “The 2023 Rugby World Cup will be held in France Longer rest periods for all teams. »

The decision comes after the Rugby World Cup Board of Directors, the Rugby Executive Committee, the France 2023 Organizing Committee and international rugby players agreed on a “set of principles relating to: player health This resulted in a significant improvement in the match schedule,” the FIFA added in a statement.

according to Bernard LaportePresident French Rugby Federation and vice president the scientist” this is Historic decision The reality of France 2023 The fairest Rugby World Cup ever “.

same story for Brian O’Driscoll. Former Ireland International Center (133 caps between 1999 and 2014), now representing the Players’ Association International rugby players The Rugby World Cup Board of Directors believes, in fact, that “ Rugby has become very physical and demanding To be able to play with short breaks.” The former captain said: “All the teams found it difficult, especially those that do not have the depth of the formations of the big teams.” fifteenth clover.

“Increasing tourism and economic benefits”

In 2019, during the Japan World Cup, fifteenth of France He didn’t play for eleven days between his narrow victory againstArgentina Verses (23-21), September 21, and the lesson attached to it United State (33-9), 2 October. Before playing four days later against Tonga (23-21). In the same group, the English hit Tonga (35-3) on September 22 and then United State (45-7) 26 andArgentina (39-10) October 5. This is Three games in 15 days.

Moreover, according to the scientistthis new calendar will give a file Payment to the host countryWhich will therefore benefit from an extra week to welcome supporters. “It will cause Tourism increaseand expenses and Economic benefitss,” says the Board of Directors. “For France and the host cities, I am pleased to welcome fans from all over the world. “They will therefore be able to spend time discovering the wonderful landscapes and monuments of our beautiful country,” said Bernard Laporte.

Final schedule for World Cup 2023 The unveiling will take place on February 26 at noon on the France 2023 Facebook page, as well as on the France 2023 website. The 2023 World Cup, organized in France, will begin on September 8. It is expected that South Africa, the defending champions, will face Scotland and Ireland. the fifteenth of Francehe would face a major challenge at home, as he was placed in group A with all black.

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