National Medals, Rally, Motocross, Motocross: Here are the weekend’s main results

The hammer thrower from Saint-Florentin Loreleï Taillandier and the archer from Monéteau Corinne Heurley will make their mark on the weekend with their French championship results. Here are the key results to keep in mind for March 5-6, 2022.

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As always, look for the results of the weekend races on the Live Races page.

In football, not everyone is as positive as the AJA:

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In rugby, Chabliss are popular:

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In volleyball, the Sénonaises start their relegation:

Volleyball and Handball Results

In basketball, an Icones derby was controversial:

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other sports

car. Pay for the Rally in Avalon. Ghislain Barbier (Porsche 991) won on the green carpet ahead of Richard Paget (Volkswagen Polo) and Cédric Rabasse (Skoda Fabia R5).

Ghislain Barbier and Thomas Vanbutsel win 2022 Rallye du Pays Avallonnais

sports. French Winter Throwing Championships.
Julie Olivier (UA Sens, Javelin, Cadet) finished 9th with a new personal best: 37.45 m.
Loreleï Taillandier (YAC ES du Florentinois, Hammer, Senior) 3rd and French Vice Champion (The second is Belgian), 61.04 m.

sports. The youngest in the indoor area of ​​Dijon.

Elise Invernizzi (Papsy) ranked first in the long jump (4.52 m) and triple jump (9.95 m), and second in the 50 m (7”38) and shot put (8.73 m), she was in the triathlon Finished tied for first place (101 points). Among boys, the highest-ranked Ikonais is Hugo Magotee (UA Sens), who is No. 6 in the triathlon. Matis Guinot (UA Sens) was No. 17.

judo. French Junior Championships in Paris: Denis Vanke (JC Clémentin, -90kg), Bastian Daniel (JC Clementin, -81kg) and Amine Laaouni (AUXR Judo, -90kg) ) lost their first game. The latter was selected but lost in the second game.

Run. Trail de la Roche is marked in Champigny. Over 21 km: 1. Stéphane Pouzet (Sens Route Trail); 2. Clément Dupuy (not licensed, Lyon); 1st woman: Christelle Cubizolles (not licensed).
Over 10 km: Arnaud Champtoussel (unlicensed, Cannes-Écluse) and Aurélie Mathieu (ASL Raid).

Discover the winners and rankings of the 2022 La Roche Marquée circuit in Champigny-sur-Yonne

boxing. The final stage (fight) of the French Kickboxing Low Kick Championship. Yannick Lakli (Association Sportive Auxerre Pieds Fists, Senior + 91kg Class A) lost in the first round. Seylia Legendre (Association Sportive Auxerre Pieds Fists, Junior – 60kg) passed the quarterfinals and lost the semifinals.

volleyball. Sixth round Coupe de France M18 vs SV89 at Dunkirk. It means to advance to the 7th round.

result. VC Saint Polois – Sense Volleyball 89, 2-0 (25-14, 25-9).
Sens volley 89 – CPB Rennes 35, 2-0 (25-23, 25-22)
VC Saint Polois – CPB Rennes 35, 2-0 (25-10, 25-12)
Classification : 1. VC Saint Polois, 4 points; 2. Feeling volleyball 89, 3 points; 3. CPB Rennes, 2 points.

archery. French Adult Indoor Championships. Corinne Heurley (Monetto) french champion bare bow. In the recurve elite, Louise Botter (Brienon) finished 8th and Anthony Barbir (Brienon) finished 9th. Mélanie Chambrin (Brienon) and Valentin Corsin (Brienon) are 9th in Senior 1. In compound bows, Élodie Kaczmareck (Brienon) is 8th in Senior 1.

swimming. Burgundy-Franche-Comté Spring Junior-Senior 50m Dijon League Champion. Dounia Chaar (Auxerre) 1st in the 50, 100 and 200m breaststroke.
Pauline Pacaud (Sens Natation) 1st place in the 50m butterfly.
Médérick Boulard (Tonnerre) takes first place in the 400m medley.

Motocross. First round of the Burgundy-Franche-Comté and National Veterans Championships in Villiage. Below are the rankings.

125 cc assortment

public ranking

Gold Veteran Ranking

Silver Veteran Ranking

Bronze Veteran Ranking

National Veterans Scratch Day Classification

65 cc assortment

85 cc Minicross Assortment

Pitbike Daily Ranking

badminton. Interclub R1 in Lons-le-Saunier. Stade Auxerrois beat Besançon (6-2) and Lons-le-Saunier (6-2) and held on to first place.

football. Quark of Villebon Longjumeau – Lynx Stade Auxerrois, 24-0.

polo. VieuxChamps (Charbuy) Interregional Prologue in St Lô, Department of Manche. Rouen 7-6, Hauteville 12-4: VieuxChamps are ineligible for the French Elite Amateur.

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