NBA headbands: A sleeker accessory?

For a while, headbands were all the rage on NBA floors. Most American basketball stars have it on their foreheads. This practice still exists today. However, it became less and less popular. explain.

Headbands, a matter of fashion and style

NBA headbands have been a fashion accessory since their inception in the 1970s, and while not universally embraced, they have had their ups and downs. Teams and leaders have banned their players from stepping on the floor with the product attached to the skull. Still, headbands aren’t exactly going away in USA Basketball if it’s not as popular as it might be. Both superstars and regular players continue to wear it to class.

🎁 Black Classic NBA Headband

🎁 White Classic NBA Headband
Truth be told, the headband brings a special style to the person who wears it. This is especially true for bald basketball players. But also those with initial baldness. The headband hides the missing hair near the forehead and behind the head. In terms of movement, this accessory has no impact on performance. If only mentally, it can bring comfort and confidence to some…

In addition to being a basic fashion accessory, NBA headbands make it easier to keep braids or long hair in place. Of course, this does not apply to all athletes. Like the sleeve, Allen Iverson has made it an important object of his style on the court. Vince Carter wore one for most of his career. And Rajon Rondo and many others…

However, a new generation of NBA players doesn’t seem to like the classic headband.

Ninja headband, an ephemeral variant

Like any product, NBA headbands have evolved over time. Variations like the ninja headband are already popping up on NBA courts. Celebrities like Jimmy Butler, Jrue Holiday and even De’Aaron Fox have made it their favorite accessory. However, the leaders of the major leagues decided to ban it in 2019. To avoid fines, followers have therefore abandoned the headband. It has completely disappeared from the radar. No one jokes about NBA rules.

🎁 ninja headband
As such, the future of headbands in the NBA looks very uncertain. It’s unlikely to disappear overnight. On the other hand, it is uncertain whether it will survive for another few decades. For now, the most popular sports equipment manufacturers continue to produce them. Start with Nike and Jordan. The flag will be there for as long as there is demand.

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