Nebojsa Simovic and Saran Loiret Handball from Cesson-Rennes developers

Weighing 110 kg and 1.99 meters, it is very difficult to get injured in any situation: Neboisa Simovic is participating in the 2021-2022 Star League with his Montenegrin friend Vasco Sevalevic, This is one of the greatest satisfactions of Saranis recruiting.

So we’ll see him at work and fight on Saturday 12th February at 8.30pm in the Jacques-Mazzuca Hall, facing Cesson-Rennes (9th, 15 points), An opponent who started the season well but seemed more up to his standards today, less comfortable away from home.

It could be an opportunity for Saran’s handball players (15th, 6 points) Seek valuable points for maintenance. Neboisa Simovic wants to believe this and at the end of his chosen successful European Championship, he realises that with “our ability” anything is possible…

To remain in the French elite requires not only confirmation during the return phase, Succeeded in first leg against Eastrez and Nancy but also got some blows, for mid-table and below formations. Neboisa Simovic doesn’t want to focus on tonight’s meeting more than anyone else. In his opinion, this is the best way to pass by…

“He said, what needs to be done is to play thoroughly every time.”

See what this leads to.

A week ago, in Montpellier, the Septor team again failed to keep their distance from a high-level opponent. A scene was recalled in Aix-en-Provence on Tuesday, despite an ideal start to the game and a score (10-4) +6 in the 16th minute.

“It’s on the head”

When Dan Tepper caught fire in the cage and we didn’t focus on the home, “we started watching them and wondering what was going on,” says Nebujosa Simovic regretfully. The bullet loss that accompanies the whole thing doesn’t help. That is, “It’s in the mind… We must be able to convince ourselves that we can beat anyone. “

Nothing is possible ‘without a solid defence’ against the Bretons this Saturday, in the Midlands it is necessary to take on the receiving end with a lot of effort… His co-work , whose integration has been facilitated since his arrival this summer, with captain and another fulcrum of the team, Hadrien Ramond. “Hadrian is a good guy. I looked at a lot of his work and tried to get inspiration from it. “. A way for him to keep improving.

Jordan Yamdjeu returns tonight
In a workforce with a “different profile” and a desire to “get everyone involved”, coach Fabien Courtial decided not to use the services of Thomas Toupance (back) tonight.
Jordan Yamdjeu (pivot), on the other hand, will sign to return to the group after winter preparations were interrupted by a hamstring injury.
One of the keys to the game is possession. With this obligation, don’t give your opponent too many counter-attack situations.
18 conceded against Chartres, 15 at Aix-en-Provence… “The problem is there”, admits Fabien Courtial.
Goalkeepers: 1. Gauthier, 14. Tepper. Outfield players: 2. Sevaljevic, 3. Blanco, 6. Deumar, 10. Fadhule, 11. Robbins, 18. Munoz Cabesson, 20. Card Long, 23. Mosindi, 33. Simovic, 61. Tao Fengde, 64. Lamond (captain), 68. Ayman, 77. Bin Laden, 88. Yamdjeu.

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