Netflix is ​​preparing a documentary about the legendary Bill Russell | NBA

A major league figure who won 11 NBA titles with the legendary Celtics in the 1960s, his 5 MVP titles and 12 All-Star appearances, Bill Russell holds many records when we His aura was even stronger when he knew he was the first black coach in American team sports.

But the Boston legend is still ineligible for his documentary, which will look back at his incredible career and his entire journey. That failure appears to be being resolved, as Russell should eventually be the subject of a Netflix-produced documentary.

The documentary, which still has no title and no release date, aims to “The Ultimate Biographical Documentary” One of the symbols of American sports, and one of the symbols worldwide.after great success last dance That puts Jordan back in the limelight at the start of the pandemic, and the upcoming HBO series to revive the Showtime Lakers, even another project around George Gervin, Russell will be respected for it , especially from the perspective of his civic activism in favor of black Americans.

Olympic gold medals, NCAA doubles, 11 NBA player titles, 2 coaching titles…

While he should miss All-Star Weekend for the first time in a long time (because of the pandemic), Russell will be taking part in an exclusive interview ahead of the documentary, in addition to opening some of his personal files to enrich it further.

“From very humble beginnings, Russell has led each of his basketball teams to championship titles — two California high school titles, back-to-back NCAA titles, a gold medal at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, and 11 of his 13 years. NBA title season with the Boston Celtics (the last two were the first black coaches in NBA history while also playing for the Celtics). Beal’s story and 75 years of NBA history and The past eight years of American history are intrinsically and irreversibly linked. »

We already know that the documentary will be produced by Sam Pollard, who has worked at MLK/FBI or Citizen Ashe. In this project, Pollard will be led by Larry Gordon (“Fantasy,” “Die Hard”), Ross Greenberg (“Magic and Birds: Rivals”) and Mike Richardson (“Hellboy”) 》) accompanied by the production team.

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