Netherlands | Mr Mayonnaise: ‘The World Championship title will still be a great moment’

Emmanuel Mayonnade (Metz Handball Coach) // Photo Credit: Panoramic/K. Domas

The Dutch Federation made the official announcement this afternoon. Frenchman Emmanuel Mayonard, who took the helm of the women’s team in 2019, will not be taking the risk. Anyone who trains Metz handball every day will get back to us on this decision.

Manu, can you explain your decision a little more?

– I’ve only been offered to work on for the next four months until after the next World Championship. I had the idea of ​​extending it a little bit, maybe until the next Olympics if we could qualify there. I don’t think it’s important to be away for only four months, as the adventure probably won’t go beyond that.

Are some of your chain clubs and national competitions a little tired?

– Not really. I’ve always had the feeling of not leaving Metz for Holland and vice versa. When I’m away I can count on a very reliable staff at Mace to look after me. Our weeks of games have saved me time and when I’m preparing for the Champions League game against Borussia Dortmund, I have the opportunity to see a certain number of internationals, as well as for Esbjerg or other Champions League clubs. I never forget these two entities, as in Mace, I know what training has been done when I am choosing training.

What choices did this experience bring to you?

– As a man, I’ve had an extraordinary adventure with great girls. I have met some great people. When you spend time with someone the size of Estavana Polman, it changes your life. But she’s not the only one, Tess Wester, Lois Abbingh… There’s always been a humble attitude between us, we’re from different cultures, we had to add a little water to the wine, and they liked me. I remember, in March 2019’s During our first internship, we decided to do a lot of training and they came to tell me that it was not the usual way of doing internships. I tell them that if I’m there, it’s to break those habits a little bit. We all managed to slightly change the way we work.

——After two and a half years of cooperation, do you have any impression of Metz handball?

– We should probably have had more conversations with my president, but I think he’s very detailed. In the Champions League, for example, there is not a pair of referees that I’ve ever encountered while drafting. It must be an added value to the exchange. I watched more games and analysed things a little differently, I found myself in situations I didn’t know about, and all this extra experience must have been good for me and therefore good for the club.

“You can’t take this medal from me”

– Was the 2019 World Championship one of the peaks of your work with the selection?

— of course, especially when he came a few months later. I have a lot of anecdotes about the game, I remember the night we lost to Slovenia. I was in the studio preparing for the next game and Estavana Polman stuck her head out and told me not to be mad, the girls didn’t put in too much effort and everything would be fine after that. I don’t necessarily expect anything from my players, but it cheers me up and I tell myself that this moment may have had some impact on the rest of the game.

– Your recent comparison with the Coupe de France won by Mios…

– I remember saying to myself after the first trophy with Mios: I don’t know what awaits me, but I can at least say that I won the French Cup. Turns out I won several times later, but after this world title, I thought the same thing. No one can tell me what’s going to happen next, but they can’t take this medal from me.

– You finally got out the back door, France passed a correction in the Olympic quarter-finals. What would you like to change for this?

——That’s it, regret is useless. I discussed it with my captain and he told me it was sad for us, as an option because we felt we were well prepared from the beginning of June, we missed 20 minutes and those 20 minutes were the most important The Olympics…if we hadn’t played against France who later won the title, that might have changed, but in the end, that’s history, that’s what it is.

– Are future recovery options attractive to you?

– Yeah, I think, after that, I don’t know what or when. I’m not the type to have a lot of dreams and I let myself get a little carried away by this. For sure, now that I’m done with the Olympics, I realize how incredible it is, even without the audience. All the competitions I’ve played in. My only concern is that I’m young and I still feel the need to coach every day. Someone like Olivier Krumbholz, Guillaume Gille or Thorir Hergeirsson has won an Olympic title without training for a long time at the club, which I can’t do. I need to feel the player, be reactive, call a timeout at the right time…I don’t think I’m experienced enough to handle a selection. But obviously when you’ve had an experience like this, you always want to go back to it one day or another.

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