Nets’ new offensive to sign big-name free agents!

It’s been a disappointing season, and without their star for a while, the Nets are also looking to strengthen in the days ahead. Steve Nash himself has tried to recruit a big-name free agent, and he hopes to get a positive response soon: it could be a good move in the Big Apple.

After an 11-game losing streak, the Nets have gotten better, but the mess is far from over. Kyrie Irving won’t show up until the end of the season, and Kevin Durant doesn’t yet know when he’ll have a chance to return. Ben Simmons had the same idea, which meant Steve Nash had to tinker at the same time.

When we knew that Brooklyn had lost its seat in the East, we understood that the playoff tickets were far from certain. Still, with the star back, the Nets will have no trouble getting access…unless it’s a long shot.

Nets are looking to convince point guard to sign!

As we said, management has to prepare for everything, including losing Carey. The latter doesn’t yet know if he’ll be allowed to play in all games, including the playoffs. There won’t be many arrivals of a well-known leader, such as Goran Dragic, completely free and wooed by Steve Nash.

Nets coach Steve Nash passed important points to Goran Dragic to lure him.

The Nets, like other teams, are very interested in Dragic. With Carey’s absence, the Slovenian will have a chance to play in the Big Apple, even if the competition is relatively tight. But the prospect of playing with KD and company could make a difference.

However, many suitors have other advantages, Sign Dragic’s favorite in the next few days. For now, leaders are buying time, but a decision should be made next week to keep everyone happy.

Not surprisingly, the Nets also want to sign Goran Dragic. Teams aren’t going to say no to another point guard, especially the soap opera Kyrie Irving. A verdict is expected soon.

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