New NBA expansion?Las Vegas and Seattle worry that LeBron James could even take the landlord cap

The idea of ​​a possible new team in the NBA is a recurring theme, and we have every right to hear new rumors at the end of the day. According to insider Bill Simmons, the league could create a team in Seattle and Las Vegas with LeBron James as the owner.

Every season, we gather some rumors about a new NBA team. A small example of last year’s acquisition of Wolves and a possible move to the new owner’s hometown of Seattle. In the end, Minnesota kept its franchise, and we soon forgot about it all. Still, several cities are closely watching potential expansion plans, and the NBA knows it will be spoiled when it decides to expand to 31 or even 32 teams instead of 30. Louisville, Montreal, Vancouver, Mexico City, Kansas City and… Las Vegas. Well, two of those cities are coming to an end soon. according to Bill Simmonsjournalist and founder of The Ringer, Seattle and Las Vegas are the two cities most likely to restore teams in the next few yearsWhat’s more interesting is that the insider believes that a certain… LeBron James is one of the owners. oh okay?

“I think the league will expand into Las Vegas and Seattle. I think the prime candidate to buy this Vegas team is Fenway Sports Group. They’ve been circling multiple NBA teams for a while. If I Must bet on LeBron’s scenario where he’s involved in what’s going on. »

That’s no surprise for Seattle, as it’s an old sea snake, and Sonics fans have been calling for their wish to return for fifteen years. Most interesting is this Las Vegas story and the possibility of seeing LeBron James as a group of investors. King has spoken in the past about his desire to own a franchise so he can walk the talk.. It remains to be seen when this can be done becauseNBA players can’t have owners’ hats at the same time. Michael Jordan also had to sell his stake in 2001 to rejoin the Wizards. The same was true of Magic Johnson’s observations with the Lakers in 1995. In the end, the league and owners still have to agree to create these new teams. Still according to Simmons, The creation of these two franchises could cost $6-7 billion, which will then be shared among 30 teams. More than $200 million to integrate the two newcomers, an idea that may appeal to some owners.

Seattle and Las Vegas will lead the way in NBA expansion plans, and LeBron James could get a new cap in that action. Simple hallway noise or real documents for years to come? The future will tell you.

Text source: The Ringer/Bill Simmons

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