News: CDOS honors eight female athletes

Just this Tuesday, March 8th, Women’s Rights Day, CDOS wanted to organize an evening debate, during which women who played, played sports or volunteered came to the Sports House in Amiens to celebrate Reflect their commitment and enthusiasm that can energize them.

CDOS Chairman Marcel Glavieux opened the debate in the presence of several CDOS members and sectoral committees.

“So this woman is in the spotlight today. This is a first for CDOS. We want to take advantage of the current situation. This day is about recognizing women’s rights and ending the inequalities that exist between them and men.

However, the current period is not easy, with the Ukrainian flag hanging around President Gravieux’s neck. History has to remember that his mother was Ukrainian.

In his speech, the CDOS president hoped for equality between men and women from now on, and recalled that France established Women’s Rights Day in 1982. They were approached by each of the subject steering committees affiliated with CDOS, and finally eight young or experienced women came forward to explain their commitment, their passion, and their message to the audience.

Stephanie Normand (handball)

“A long time ago, I wanted to play well at my club in Tramenil. But I was a victim of a traffic accident, so I had to be a referee while investing in the club. I am also a member of the French Federation Member for five years. As a referee, I have never had a problem with being uncivilized.

Mélanie Lecoq-Houdemon (Sailboat)

“I initially practiced English boxing, French boxing, and even karate. Then, thanks to the internet, I discovered sailing. I loved it, I signed a license at the Joliveau President’s Club in Argoeuves, and I noticed that in the sport , not many young people”.

Mélanie is young, 19, and it seems she wants to pursue a career that has something in common with sailing.

Sylvie Sylvester (football)

“I played first with Camon’s women’s team, then with the club, I became a leader. Since my son played for the Boulogne national team, he had a very honorable career and I followed him a lot. Then I became President of the Camon Supporters Club and then Secretary General of the Somme District. Today I am even a representative of the Youth Conference of the French Championships. I am also the alderman of the city of Camon, but I must admit that getting young people into the club It’s complicated. I appeal to them: come and join us”.

Maryse Mallet (Pétanque)

“Thanks to my new partner, I discovered boules in my later years. I got my license at Corbie’s club, and then at the request of President Dany Tonneau, I got into the Somme Committee. I am also the chairman of the Corbie club, I especially want to be useful.”

Claudine Cotton (handball)

“I came to Albert’s club in 1988. I mainly followed my son and joined the Somme handball committee in 2000. I never had any problems with the committee, especially as more and more of women joined the committee.”

Handball historical figure Claude Hatte, who was present, insisted that handball was the first sport in France to truly achieve equality between men and women, even if only at the bonus level. .

Elisabeth Desaint (Hike)

“I am in charge of hiking and Nordic walking. I am also a marker. I find real joy in maintaining relationships between clubs, proposing trips and accepting volunteers. All of these take up a lot of my time because for example in January , I’ve been busy for 82 hours. I’m secretary of the regional excursion committee and president of my ASPTT club in Amiens. But to be honest, being president doesn’t interest me much because I prefer to be in the field.”

Celine O’Tier (diving)

» First, let me make it clear that it is not necessary to know how to swim to practice diving. Breathing underwater is key, and in one baptism I’ve made progress since my debut. I was also involved in my club life in Amiens. I was also involved in the Somme Committee, of which I am now Assistant Secretary. There are more and more women, we have created a women’s college and we offer a baptism of real success”.

Marie-Claude Baudlet (Gymnastics)

“I played sports through UNSS because I am a PE teacher. I practiced volleyball for the first time at Longueo at the national level. Today I am at ESCLAM gymnastics club, where I am vice-president and the The club has 700 members of all ages, with 25 men’s and women’s teams and 200 members for practice competitions. Young girls are the majority. These licensees train about 12 hours a week, we have volunteers, but also six staff. Finally, recently, we created an awakening workshop in the community near the headquarters of our club Longueau-Amiens Métropole”.

Lionel Herbert

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