Nintendo Switch Sports: Wii Sports sequel announced with new event

Wii Sports is a cult game that integrates with home consoles Nintendo, great for discovering motion-sensing controllers. Well, the makers do it again with games that are separate from the console: Nintendo Switch Sports just launched direct From the beginning of the year:

Players will find well-known events, but most importantly new ones. Football, badminton and volleyball with giant balls will be added to tennis, bowling and chambara games. Of course, the goal is to manipulate a Joy-Con command his Mimi and play with friends or with friends in single player, local multiplayer or online matchmaking automatic.

Kick, throw and smash to victory in Nintendo Switch Sports, a collection of sports on Nintendo Switch that puts you at the center of the action!

Have fun in six sports, including volleyball, soccer, and bowling, with controls that simulate your in-game movements.

  • tennis : Gently swing the Joy-Con at the right time to play.
  • bowling : Throw the ball straight or spin it.
  • chambara : Attack your opponent to eject them from the platform and block their blows.
  • football : Use the giant ball to perform dynamic actions, and use the Joy-Con controller to shoot and execute dive heads. You can also attach the Joy-Con to your legs using the in-game leg straps (also available separately) for intuitive controls during exciting penalty shootouts.
  • badminton : Leaving the steering wheel in the air, turn it left or right. Unleash powerful smashes to take advantage of!
  • volleyball : Use Joy-Con to serve, catch, pass and smash.

Play all games with your loved ones on one console* or online** and challenge opponents around the world in this new series in the Wii Sports franchise. Customize your avatar with items earned by playing online and discover a variety of fun ways, such as participating in professional leagues, that challenge you to improve your rank by winning in different disciplines.

plan update

Two free*** updates are planned this summer and fall. The summer update will add the ability to use Joy-Cons and leg straps for soccer games. The fall update will add golf as the game’s seventh discipline.

Nintendo Switch Sports release date set for April 29, 2022, of course only on the Nintendo Switch. February 18-20 will organize server testing, subscription required Nintendo Switch Online enjoy.Finally, the developers will roll out the first free update this summer to play football with a leg strap ring fit for adventureand A second update will roll out in the fall, adding golf.

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