“No one has seen this picture, don’t lie”

In 1999, thanks to the huge popularity of Michael, the NBA has become widely known around the world. Jordan And his many exploits in the ’90s, so inevitably, fans think they know the era well. But a photo from that year just came back to the social network because it was unique.

Kobe Bryant One of the first high-profile superstars in the NBA in miniature since childhood. If seeing a teenager today make all the headlines before entering the league, like Zion Williamson or LaMelo Ball in recent years, it was even rarer in the ’90s.have a look The great jealousy of the classmates at that time Understanding the Mamba situation is unique.

For this reason, one would think he’d seen it all in his career as the Lakers’ No. 8/24, who was constantly photographed from his high school days and quickly established himself on the NBA’s most prestigious team status.However, there are still moments that the public doesn’t know about, even if they involve his connection to another legend from the late ’90s…and we’re not talking about Shaquille O’Neal.

Exclusive Photos of Kobe Bryant and Dennis Rodman

In 1999, when he was just released by the Bulls, Dennis Rodman had already signed with the Lakers, where he had a chance to brush aside Bryant and Diesel in about 20 games, averaging 2.1 points and 11.2 rebounds . A unique image of the Mamba and interior has just surfaced on social networks, and netizens can’t believe their eyes.

Kobe and Rodman at 99 minutes. rare 🔥

No one has seen this photo, don’t lie

The screen looks illegal 😂

I didn’t even know they played together. interesting.

Kobe Bryant and Dennis Rodman have only played together about 20 times, which explains why there are no pictures of them on Lakers jerseys except this one. Some netizens also learned through Instagram that they used to be teammates, that is, if Worm’s experience in California didn’t matter.In fact, he will be talked about more His relationship with current team owner Jeanie Bussnot his level on the field.

If they knew each other at the height of their game, Kobe Bryant and Dennis Rodman could have done some serious damage, especially with Shaquille O’Neal. Unfortunately for the Lakers, they had to deal with a late Worm who only played 23 games in purple and gold.

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