Not likely to return to the Lakers!

With a difficult situation this season, the Lakers are trying to find a solution to climbing the slopes. Frank Vogel can change his rotation and count on the arrival of DJ Augustine. Behind the scenes, however, another totally improbable comeback occurred.

The Lakers are 28-35, including wins in their last game, and aren’t sure they can make the playoffs at the end of the year. It might pass the game, and failure would be a real disaster. Angelinos was considered a favorite, but injuries and poor form from some players changed everything.

Because yes, Anthony Davis is still out, and Russell Westbrook is far from responding to his status. The front office is also trying to fix that with the arrival of DJ Augustin, even if it takes patience to get initial comments on the veteran. But the latter is not the only reinforcement.

New Advisor for the Lakers in Crisis!

To better understand, you have to look behind the scenes of Phil Jackson’s rise to fame. He has no official role in the organization, but boss Jenny Buss likes to get a different opinion according to The Athletic. What caused a lot of reactions.

Jackson has been in regular contact with Bass about issues throughout the season. A very uncomfortable situation involving Russell Westbrook is of interest. As an unofficial consultant, it’s hard to do better or have more experience than Phil Jackson.

According to The Athletic, the idea was simple: listen to Jackson to make future adventurous choice LeBron James around, because these two men are not best friends. King soberly stated in 2016:

I’m not a Phil Jackson fan.

If Zen Master can make an impact on his team, we don’t think LeBron will appreciate it. But for now, it’s just an advisory role and doesn’t have any formal role. However, this situation may change in the future.

Phil Jackson, the Lakers’ former home, continues to help the team behind the scenes. Jane Buss wants to get as many opinions as possible about the situation, which may not appeal to everyone. Currently, we are still waiting for the results.

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