“Once I buy the Bulls, I’ll talk to Michael Jordan”

Among Michael Jordan’s biggest fans, including the most expensive, all means well. A world superstar has figured this out and will decide to…buy the Bulls to get his attention!

Nearly 20 years after his retirement, he continues to fascinate fans and observers, even the most famous. A successful example on and off the NBA court, Michael Jordan Often admired by pretty names. Most of the current NBA superstars are clearly at his feet, but other public figures follow his example.

Despite relatively modest career earnings compared to players in today’s league, MJ is clearly able to build a strong brand image, This makes him a huge fortune today. Many entrepreneurs have therefore tried to imitate him, including pop culture icons. A particular reference to a certain Kanye West, whose relationship with His Airness proved to be complicated!

Kanye West is about to own the Bulls…for Jordan?

As head of the Yeezy brand, which has also done well in the sneaker market, West was keen to work with Jordan. But either by calling him out in the media, or making an Instagram post for that purpose, he continues to be snubbed by his etherealness. To solve this problem, the famous rapper has apparently found an interesting trick, which he revealed in his recent collaborations with Fivio Foreign and Alicia Keys!

I’ll talk to Mike once I buy the Chicago Bulls.

By becoming the owner of the Bulls, Kanye West thought he could reconnect with Jordan so he could consider working together. A rather outlandish plan, knowing that the team’s current owner, Jerry Reinsdorf, had no prior intention to sell it. Regardless, not sure if the artist’s finances allow it.

According to the latest calculations, the holder is worth $1.8 billion Forbes, the Ye family alone does not have the funds to buy out the bull with a valuation of 3.65 billion. So he has to team up with collaborators like Alex Rodriguez can do to take over the Timberwolves to make that happen and try to reach Mike!

Desperate, will Kanye West really consider buying the Bulls, or is he just trying to leave a punchline on Michael Jordan? Given his recent shenanigans, the first assumption seems plausible!

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