Handball – Women’s World Cup 2022 – Results – Gold Medal for Norway, Silver for France – Sports Info – Skiing

… Handball / Women’s World Championship / Spain 2021 … All stats (top scorer etc…) here … preliminaries Group rankings are here Wednesday 1 December Spain v Argentina: 29-13 … Thursday 2 December Korea vs Congo: 37-23 Austria v China: 38-27 Croatia v Brazil: 25-30 Germany v Czech Republic: 31-21 Japan vs Paraguay: 40-17 Hungary … Read more

Tough season for PJ Washington

In his first two seasons in the NBA, the holder 118 times (122 games total), PJ Washington In the Hornets’ five majors this season, he was replaced at No. 4 by Miles Bridges. The result: His minutes have logically dropped slightly, from an average of 30 minutes in his “rookie” and “sophomore” years to 26 … Read more

64. Flying Volleyball

Volleyball has never had so many licensees in a ’64 season. “Between 1700 and 1800, an increase of 25%, revealed the new chairman of the departmental committee, Sophie Germain (read more). The French Olympic champions last summer probably had a lot to do with it. We were able to close our rooms due to Covid-19 … Read more

Is the Troubled Warriors’ autograph in sight?

After a strong start in the Western Conference, the Warriors lost a lot of games for a while. Draymond Green’s absence is starting to put pressure on this roster, which may need to be stepped up again. To be precise, the front office decided to put a veteran on trial. Despite a 43-22 record, we … Read more

Volleyball: AMVB’s first game disappoints

On Saturday, March 5th, the Amiens Métropole volleyball elite traveled to Bellain for their first desalination match. Despite being well-prepared, AMVB lost 3-0. With this new disillusionment with Beilein on Saturday, March 5, the AMVB appears to be in for yet another failure. “It was a big disappointment” Coach explains Ali Noir. “We play without … Read more