Paris goalkeeper Yann Genty talks about his future at Limoges ahead of PSG – Limoges Handball

You will face a team from Limoges and you will play next season. Is this a special match for you?

No, it’s still a championship game. I belonged to Paris Saint-Germain until June and Limoges will be next year. Of course, I’m watching their results and I hope they stick with it because in the first leg it’s a bit complicated. But in the second part of the season, we saw them catching up.

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Why did you choose to join Limoges?

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this project. I’ve discussed with the leadership and they have an interesting project that has been going on for several years. I see they want to improve. I want to join a club with aspirations and progress.

How has the rise of this club inspired you?

very good. It reminds me of Cesson Wren, where I played, it’s grown, it’s been in Star League for a few seasons now, it’s no longer just extras, it’s looking for results and performance. very good.

“It’s different, but just as fun”

From a winning club like Paris Saint-Germain to a very young Limoges, is it easy to grasp?

yes and no. The pressure is different. There’s a lot of pressure and a lot of expectations in Paris because once you lose, it’s the end of the world. In Limoges, this is not necessarily the case. But at the same time, it’s not good either, because if you want to progress and evolve, you have to win the game. Especially the whole part at the bottom of the table – the middle of the table. On the one hand, to ensure maintenance, and on the other hand, to get high claims, you can’t go wrong. So it’s different, but just as fun.

What do you think you can bring to LH?

Experience. High level experience. From what I’ve seen from the signings, leaders and coaches are relying on experienced players from the Star League and European level who will bring those things to progress.

Limoges are already actively recruiting players for next season. What do you think?

I like it (smiles). Then according to the speech. We can’t pretend evolution by looking for Proligue players, even though I certainly have nothing against Proligue. You need experienced players who know a high level. So that’s fine.

“I still have this motivation”

You celebrated your 40th birthday in December. Are you still so motivated and eager to win?

Oh yes, always. always laughing). It has become a job now, but I started handball out of passion and still do. It’s a really good job because we’ve been lucky enough to do it, which is awesome. But yeah, I still have that drive. It’s fun to win titles with Paris, but it’s almost become the norm. Winning the French Cup, as I experienced at Chambery, or the Coupe de la Ligue at an outsider’s club, is nothing short of magic.

So to win with Limoges would be…

It will be magical! It will be wonderful! We’ll be back in town! (laughs) When you’re a player, you always want to win. Of course, we know it won’t be obvious, but the desire is there. When you no longer have it, no matter your age, you have to stop.

How do you imagine this Sunday meeting?

I hope we will win and we will not get hurt. We have a very busy and very important end of February and March. I hope everything goes well and Limoges will show a nice face like the first round because at the end it will be more fun to have the fighting spirit up front. So I hope Limoges will give us trouble, but we will come out of it with a victory.

Xavier George

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