Paris Saint-Germain with its momentum, the top 12 in the gym and the euro for wheelchair rugby… Your sports weekend in the Ile de France

“Le Parisien” now proposes to announce to you all the sports issues and events that cannot be missed in the Ile-de-France before each weekend.

WEEKEND POSTER: Paris Saint-Germain-Nîmes

handball. The Paris Marathon will continue this Sunday (5pm) in Coubertin. Three days after a very important victory in the Champions League against Flensburg, Raul Gonzalez’s players found Nimes. Qualifying for Europe’s top 16 since Thursday, they have a chance to clinch an 18th consecutive victory over league competition before an 18-match run in the first half of March. However, they must be wary of the Nimes.

Only eighth in the standings, Michaël Guigou and his team-mates were especially elusive. Gardois is uncomfortable at home and likes to tease their opponents on the road. In their cage, Vincent Gerrard and Yann Genti will have to be wary of the stellar performance of current champions top scorer Mohamed Sanad (132 goals).

People to Watch: Antonin Rouzier

volleyball. The 35-year-old French volleyball international has never stopped racing against the clock. The man with 243 options, who nobody wanted last summer, joined the promoted Du Plessis-Robinson and built his story at the same time. Against Arago Sète (3rd) this Saturday (6pm, Espace Omnisports), the 2015 European champion intends to confirm with his friends and is currently 11th in the Ligue A standings after last weekend (3- 0) against Montpellier (4). “I discovered the family club values, health and that’s what I was looking for,” Antonin Ruzier said on our page not long ago. It’s time to support the Hauts-de-Seine team, which will continue to red lanterns in the league alongside Nantes-Rezé, Narbonne and Cannes.

Ingenuity: Wheelchair Rugby Euro

football. If you happen to pass by the Halle-Carpentier (13th arrondissement) side, this is the charm of this Saturday. The European Wheelchair Rugby Championships have been held there since Tuesday, with France and seven other national teams taking part. Having won their first three group matches against Switzerland (49.32), Denmark (50-46) and Russia (60-37), Habs (world No. 6) leaves Germany (55-42) this Friday to advance Final. They will play Great Britain who beat Denmark at 4pm.

Played alongside volleyball, this unique sport combines certain elements of basketball, handball and ice hockey. The purpose of the game is simple: it consists of scoring, for the four players of the team on the field, as many attempts as possible to cross the opposing line while in possession. Lots of shocks, no dead time. Wheelchair rugby was officially recognised by the International Paralympic Committee in 1994 and was first included in the sport in Sydney in 2000.

To qualify for wheelchair rugby, athletes must have disabilities that impair their legs and arms. Most players have spinal cord injuries, complete or partial paralysis of the legs or partial paralysis of the arms, among other disabilities, including cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, amputation, polio and other neurological conditions. There is one more peculiarity: men and women can compete on the same team and in the same game.

Gym to go: La Butte Verte gym in Noisy-le-Grand

gymnastics. We don’t know, but the French Gymnastics Championships (called the Top 12 because it brings together 12 of the country’s best clubs) is just getting started, at least for boys (and for girls in March). After Franconville’s (Poule 1) 33-15 home win over the Hoyonax on the first day two weeks ago, this Saturday (starting at 3.30pm) is Noisy-le-Grand’s turn to start Their game in Orleans is over. Floors, rings and parallel bars are used as equipment. Vice-champion of France (beaten by Antibes-Juan Lepans), the “green team” revolves around the Borello family. Father Georges was one of the coaches of his two sons, Florentine and Antoine. The second is no stranger. As a member of the French team, he came off the bench at the last Tokyo Olympics. Before heading to Vélizy on March 12, Noiséens are hungry for victory.

the program

handball. Star League: Créteil – Chartres (Friday, 8pm, Oubron Stadium); PSG – Nimes (Sunday, 5pm, Pierre-de-Coubertin Stadium). Professional League: Ivry – Cherbourg (Friday, 8.30pm, Auguste-Delaune Stadium); Massy – Valence (Friday, 8.30pm, Pierre-de-Coubertin Sports Centre); Villeurbanne – Pontault (Friday, 8pm :30). Butagaz League : Mérignac – Paris 92 (Friday, 8pm).

puck. Magnus Union: Cergy-Pontoise – Nice (Friday, 8.30pm).

football. Women’s Elite 1: Bobigny – Stade Toulousain (3pm Sunday, Henri-Wallon Stadium).

volleyball. League One: Plessis-Robinson – Sète (Saturday, 6pm, Espace Omnisports); Tours – Paris (Sunday, 5pm). Women’s A League: Paris Saint-Cloud – Aix-Venelles (Saturday, 8pm, Geo-André Stadium, Paris XVI).

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