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What is your proudest moment in your career?

My last game in Brest. The audience gave me a standing ovation. They allowed me to have an extraordinary outing. If it was during covid, I would never have this. I will never forget, that was magical. My husband took it and we watch it sometimes!

Photo by Nicholas Creech/The Telegraph.  (29) Aréna LE 20170531 Hand Brest ARENA Finale (Go) BBH / Metz shed tears for Stéphanie Ntsama Akoa (BBH)'s final match against BBH.
Stéphanie Ntsama Akoa received a standing ovation from the Brest Arena in the final match against BBH. (Photo archive Nicolas Créach)

Who are the best players you’ve played with?

The Alexandra Lacrabère I played with him in Arvor was the most complete. With her, you can go to war. Mouna Chebbah is also unusual, but more individualistic. And then Julija Nikolic, who passed away. This is a real heartbreak.

PHOTO PATRICK TELLIER/LE TELEGRAMME.LESNEVEN(29) LE 20120505 Handball LFH (First leg final) ARVOR 29-ISSY PARIS dgad alexandra lacrabere stephanie daude biljana filipovic
Stéphanie Ntsama-Akoa plays with Alexandra Lacrabère (left) at Arvor 29. “The best player I’ve ever played”. (Photo Archive Telegram)

The strongest opponent?

If we’re talking about a team, Mace. When I’m in Toulon, Le Havre, Brest, it’s always Metz! If we’re talking about one player, it’s hard to pick just one. There is Anna Gross. Thanks also to Zaadi, a poison! But I would say Stine Oftedal. She’s classy, ​​she knows everything, she’s unreadable and has an impressive array of shots and passes. She is a needy person.

The transfer that almost happened?

In 2008, when I was in Besançon, I almost signed Metz. This did not happen because the school selection was inappropriate.

Which player have you dreamed of evolving with?

Norwegian fulcrum Heidiloc. Because for a defender it’s a dream when you can always find your fulcrum and she lays down the dream barriers for you and you can do all the passes you want and she’s going to pick them up when You apologize for a bad pass and she says “it’s okay” to you. She always pulls you up, an exemplary player who makes you want to go further.

Funniest player you’ve ever seen?

Julie Goiorani, I played with him at Arvor. He was a clown, always in a good mood, telling anecdotes and jokes in his southern accent.

What is your fondest memory of victory?

French title with Arvor (2012). This is the beginning of our team building and the end of a story. It remains a beautiful and painful memory. A special moment in my career.

What is the biggest failure?

and Le Havre, 2009-2010. Toulon knocked out Metz in the Ligue 1 semi-finals. In the final, we lost -6 in Toulon, while Le Havre remained second place forever (five final defeats in a row). This is nonsense. That year we will be champions of France and we have a team.

What’s the hottest room you’ve ever played in?

Brest Arena. I remember our two Coupe de France games in D2, where we beat Fleury and Metz. It’s on fire, great!

Olivier Krumbholz, a poor manager in the relationship, but otherwise he has the lead in the field of handball. It’s inspiring when you talk to him. He’s on top, he’s still in his beliefs.

Biggest injustice?

Really do not have. We would say that when I played at the Euros in Besançon in my first year, the monkeys would cry. We are in Zaporozhye (Ukraine). But that was done by people with intellectual disabilities, I don’t even remember.

The best coach?

Olivier Krumbholz, in France. He is a terrible customer relationship manager. You can’t say the same thing to everyone. Overnight, it will dump you without you seeing it. He doesn’t do that well, but other than that, he leads the way in vision and consistency in handball, and it’s no coincidence that he has those results. The fact that he was released from the France squad in 2013 has worked to his advantage, he has become more human, if at times back to nature. It’s inspiring when you talk to him. He’s on top, he’s still in his beliefs.

What was the most powerful moment in your career?

last year. I feel out of reach. I am the captain, the coach and the president have confidence in me. Since it was the end of my career, no one bothered me and I was respected by my teammates. Anything is possible, plus I play offense and defense, it’s the Holy Grail!

The strongest emotion?

Victory in the French Cup final at Bercy (2016), Brittany Wall. This is extraordinary! One of the best memories of my career. I talked about it with the Montpellier players, where they played in the men’s final. They are both envious and envious.

Photo by Nicholas Creech/The Telegraph.  (75) LE 20160521 French Women's Handball Cup Final in (Bercy, AccorHotels Arena) Brest (BBHB) - Toulon Saint-Cyr Var HB Brest supporter ava
This is a white wall formed by Brest supporters in Bercy during the 2016 French Cup final. (Photo by Nicolas Créach)

Biggest laugh?

That same year, we had an April Fool’s joke with BBH coach Laurent Bezeau. One by one we told him that we were sick and couldn’t train. He believed us and went to the doctor in a panic. I laughed so hard to see his reaction! When we said “April Fools!”, he said to us “Bunch of bitches! ” (she laughs).

Do you remember the day you decided to quit your job?

That was the day I signed a two-year extension with Brest in 2015. I know I’ll be doing it for two years, and I’m not going to continue. I don’t want to do too much for a year. At least there, when I stopped, it was my choice. I don’t want to hear a coach or president say to me, “We didn’t keep you” speech. It was me who decided to stop.

A career choice you would change?

I shouldn’t have checked in in Toulon. Sports-wise, it doesn’t fit my vision of high-level sports. This is too loose compared to my requirements. I can also choose to go to Nice, which is what I should.

If you are not a handball player?

I would love to play track and field, especially the 200m and 400m. It was a pity not to try handball at the same time. When I’m in Besancon, I time myself. I’m approaching the age of girls in French championships, but my technique and my start are terrible. I have the skills, but it’s too late.

Is there a city or country that has an atmosphere that impresses you?

Spain, because it’s “Caliente”! The girls playing there, they’re out. I’m playing with Marta Mangué, she’s partying, she’s playing, it’s olé olé, it’s smiling.

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