Results for February 19-20

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Saturday 19 February

billiards : Welcome again to a regional championship after the controversial one in November,Amiens Piccady Billiards Great to see one of the members win 4-1 at home. Read our articles

hockey : The Squirrels 10 – 7 Orcs of Cholet. After a controlled first half and a more complicated second half, squirrel impose one’s own opposition Orc. Read our articles

handball : Amiens Picardie Handball 30 – 29 Massy Essonne Handball. A generation’Amiens Picardy Handball Experienced a new sensational night, beating on the wires Massy Essonne Handball. Read our articles

volleyball : AMVB 3 – 2 lessons. Saturday, February 19, EliteAMVB Receive a Breton from the club Cesson Saint-Brieuc The last game of the regular period. A tense game ended with Amiens winning 3-2. Read our articles

shopping basket : Handisport Amiens Métropole 39 – 44 CS Meaux Basket Armchair 2. Wheelchair basketball match between Amiens at National C this Saturday 29th February, Handisport Amiens Metropolis and the Meldoise team, CS Meaux Basket Armchair 2 will remain in memory. Read our articles

Sunday, February 20

Rugby (W) : RCA 12 – 15 Lorque. A brief defeat for the Amiénoises, who are aiming for a second place finish in the Commonwealth 2 Championship.

football : RCA 32 – 17 Epernay. this sunday, RCA Didn’t miss the chance to define himself as a runner-up by beating his opponent well Epernay. The perfect day to end after the Reserves’ opening victory. Read our articles

puck : Amiens 6 – 0 Angelette. super efficient, Amiens won the first round Anglet On the river (6-0), so give yourself a close. Read our articles

Volleyball (W) : Longueau 2 – 3 Marcq-en-Baroeul.women LAMVB Failed in front of reserve line Marc-on-Barrellon day 12 of the tournament. Read our articles

Football (U18) : Amiens SC (Nat) 3 – 3 AC Ajaccio (Nat). Unicorn Super Dominator, Amiens SC U18 Eliminated by penalty kick in the round of 16AC Ajaccioafter a crazy scene (3-3, 3-5 tabs). Read our articles

Saturday 19 February

football : Rodez AF 1 – 1 Amiens SC.Although he reigned wildly in the second period,Amiens SC Still not holding a second away win and had to Rodez. Read our articles

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