Rudy Gobert is still defending the kingdom of Utah, and his custody isn’t over yet

Gone again who said NBA seasons say individual awards, and Defensive Player of the Year is especially appreciated. We know the recognized winners (Gary Payton, Hakeem Olajuwon, Dwight Howard, Michael Jordan, etc.), Sefran Award winners (Joakim Noah and Rudy Gober Special), but few – if any – winners disappear from memory over time. meaning is? That said, no matter who the chosen DPOY is, their eventual victory will direct their flames to the tumultuous pantheon forever. Who is the leader in the DPOY game less than 2 months before the end of the regular season? Let’s go to the checkpoint!

(Statistics as of February 28)

# individual mentions

Now is the time to distribute the mentions! Like every month, no demerits, some people didn’t make it to the top 10 doors. we think Anthony Davis has relapsed despite averaging 3.1 blocks in February. His ankle injury will keep him off the court At least 4 weeks, one unfortunate event should keep him away from the peloton. Myles Turner’s defensive impact is no better than the highest-ranked player. The Pacers are the NBA’s 27th defensive player, a telling stat that needs no debate. Mattis Sable, Gary Payton II, Chris Paul, Marcus Smart, Danny Avdia, Gary Trent Jr. and Jared Vanderbilt Joined the brave Mad Dog family. Their investments on this side of the pitch are worth mentioning.

#10 Dejounte Murray & Jakob Poeltl

Spurs put on their best smile, Its axis 1-5 is the focal point under the spotlight. Texas season is likely to end in less than 2 months, but despite collective grades being logically average, Dejounte Murray and Jakob Poeltl aren’t leaving their shoes in the box inside. In the month of February, the first named man averaged 1.9 steals and 2.3 blocks per game for the second. Both allowed San Antonio to avoid sinking. So of course, that’s kind of stupid because by resisting, the Spurs disapprove of their chances in the next draft. But it’s quite comforting to know that the future of the Popovich family is in the hands of talented people.

#9 Robert Williams

Finally a Robert who shines in other ways than his talent for buying/resale. In Boston, the watchdog is no longer Marcus Smart, but Robert Williams. It blocks 2.2 pieces of leather per race, and despite its small size (2m03), it makes it difficult for the most dominant interiors. A superbly stocky beast to watch, with his defensive moves filled with testosterone. It’s a bit of an animal documentary, so to speak, but the 24-year-old is part of the present — and future — of the best guard in the league. Its 101.8 defensive rating makes Boston the second fortress in the NBA (collective defensive rating of 105.3), right behind the Warriors. Nobody respects Robert Williams enough.

#8 Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo

To date, they have appeared in all our DPOY files. constant but too absent, Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler didn’t shy away from the February game this time around. Their healthy results, nine wins in their last ten games and opponents who had to come up with a plan to get into the circle. No one is being fooled, neither Bam nor Jimmy will restore the figurine of the best guard at the end of the regular season. If they play more than 80 of a possible 124 games (37 for Adebayo, 43 for Butler), then maybe. Well, having two elite defenders on the same squad to capture the DPOY championship is still complicated. The concept of the collective then takes precedence over the individual, ahem, ahem.

#7 Joel Embiid

It’s called the Pennsylvania Digger. No bad valve is a bit of a hassle, just a report from his website. The defense is scoring 104.3 points per game (compared to the Sixers’ overall rating of 108.9) and confirms he’s carrying Philadelphia on both sides of the court. The Sixers wouldn’t be the same without him, an understatement of time. We went from a championship-oriented team to a group of kids discussing the finalists.Nowel barbudo In place, sure more, But Joel remains the defensive backbone of the controversial team.

#6 Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen

This has lost a place for scrap dealers. In Ohio, a three-game losing streak was injured. Atlanta also dropped 124 points. Before this racket—probably the most complete racket in the NBA—five guys too complicated to miss. Like Jaren Jackson Jr., at the bottom of the podium, Cleveland’s two in-house teams picked up more trophies in the 2022-23, 2023-24 and 2035-36 editions of the DPOY. But all the work deserves to be paid (worst performance), and these fifth-ranked Cavaliers in the East, while out of shape, owe a large part of their balance sheet to this more than reliable internal league. So how do you reward them? Suspend the top 4 in the East in front of one of the monsters of the Bucks, 76ers, Heat and Bulls. The dominance of the field, the heat of Quicken Loans Arena, the unforgettable playoffs.

#5 Mikal Bridge

His season was perfect, but unfortunately Mikal Bridges paid the price for his spot. In front of his broad shoulders in the paint, he’s likely to control his confrontation and establish himself as one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA — a job that may not pay off. When we think about Phoenix, we think in groups, we think Chris Paul, we think Deandre Ayton, we think Devin Booker. We also think of Monty Williams. People don’t believe Mikal Bridges. Like Chris Paul in the race for the MVP trophy, Mikal won praise from purists who watched the game and noticed his impact, more than anyone else. he doesn’t have 1/10th Video featuring Giannis Antetokounmpo and Rudy Gobert. Less flashy, less salesman, we soon forget. For this image, despite the effort, an NBA championship might be the only figurine possible. That life is a bitch.

#4 Jaylen Jackson Jr.

He’s making a decent comeback, and Jaren Jackson Jr. has absolutely nothing to envy Ben Wallace (yes). His 2.2 blocks per game show his ability to sweat against opponents. The Public Observatory recognizes that the Grizzlies’ power forward is a serious contender for the DPOY Trophy, and looking ahead, the 22-year-old Ulson will have a boulevard of DPOY Trophy once Rudy Gobert is off the court. He is the NBA’s leading shot-blocker with 137 blocks this season., 19 more than Miles Turner, second in this ranking. Minor differences, Rudy Gobert is the most consistent with the best average counter (2.3), thus leading Jaren Jackson Jr. However, the way these guys play is irrelevant, and JJJ’s potential largely swept through all aspects of a good defender: movement, assists, reading of the opponent’s offense and timing of jumps. It smells of youth, Gatorade, and adventure, and we appreciate it!

#3 Draymond Green

It’s official, the Warriors are no longer the same team without Draymond Green. With a back injury, the chatty California teammate sat on the bench with his defensive efficiency intact, conceding 100.8 points per game. More than enough to justify this third-place statistic. He may have been missing since January 6, his absence shows that this 1 minute 98 second scab is the backbone of his team’s defense. The Dubs are the best defensive player in the NBA, but in the absence of Draymond Green, the Celtics, Cavaliers and Suns are getting closer to a retro. Bleeding that must be stopped. The problem, the antidote is on the bed in the infirmary.Reluctance to vacation with Rudy Gobert during All-Star Game says he wants to come back “Within three to four weeks”.

#2 Giannis Antetokounmpo

In recent weeks, he and Jaren Jackson Jr. have decided to replace the camtar’s motor.already good, but The grit that the Greek has shown now gives him room to win the figurine for the second time in his career. “Yeah, uh, oh, he’s not that good, his defensive rating is 105.1, and the Bucks are just a bastion of 13th in the NBA.» True, but in a world where the best players get the most criticism, Giannis Antetokounmpo would likely be No. 1 in the rankings if the Bucks’ collective defensive record was a close second. His mobility allows him to fill any position, from Muggsy Bogues to Sim Bhullar, and his deterrent power is also underrated. Attackers more often trigger desperate passes when Giannis takes a man’s drive than a layup with a good story ending. Observers were waiting for the slightest turnover from Rudy Gobert, putting the ball on him and pushing — here, pushing — another flame in the defender pantheon. If that happens, Yannis is watching closely.

#1 Rudy Gobert

speak for lovers game of ThronesIn the race for the DPOY trophy, the trend is “Battle of the Five Kings”. For Jaren Jackson Jr., Mikal Bridges, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Draymond Green, danger comes from Utah, Rudy Gobert shuts down city door. one step ahead of the competition, le céfran is a favorite to become champion for the fourth time in his career. It will be intimidating. It will be Dante-esque, especially historic. If ultimately won, the San Quentin native will be one of only three players – along with Ben Wallace and Dikembe Mutombo – to win the DPOY trophy four times. Despite a late start to the month in February due to a calf injury, Rudy Gobert’s four games — not including the All-Star Game — were of quality. He is always essential to his employees, he is the cornerstone of the workforce, without him the workforce is constantly exposing its weaknesses. If the Russians reach the border, let’s not interrupt our way of life and simply let Rudy get out of the car to welcome them: they won’t pass.

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