Rudy Gobert’s super-emotional gesture after young fan commits suicide

If there’s one team where players get involved in socializing, it’s the Jazz, and a drama proves it again.Recently, a fan was harassed Having ended his life, Rudy Gobert was so moved that he made a very touching gesture for his family.

School bullying is undoubtedly one of the worst evils of this century, and the consequences are always catastrophic for the victims. Complete loss of self-confidence, anxiety, depression, insomnia… Such pain is unacceptable at an age where young people have to find life. Sometimes, when the pain is too great, some people make irreversible decisions. That was the case for a young Jazz supporter on Feb. 11.

Our 12-year-old boy died this morning after an overnight suicide attempt. He’s the Jazz’s biggest fan. Thank you for putting a little joy in his heart.

Rudy Gobert supports a bereaved family

The story inevitably fell on the ears of Jazz players, who were particularly moved by the disappearance of Derek Hardman, especially since the team is one of the most involved in the fight against bullying on campus. Rudy Gobert has proven many times that he has a very big heart, and he made a super touching gesture for his family.

Rudy Gobert donated $4,527 to the funeral fund of the harassed 12-year-old fan. Touching stories and good gestures from jazz stars.

Rudy Gobert is by no means the last to donate to the cause he defends, and inevitably, in the face of such a sad story, he can only remember young Derek Hardman. As a token, his donation takes his and Donovan Mitchell’s numbers, 27 and 45, respectively.

On Monday, the team invited the Hardman and Ticheno families (10-year-old Izzy, who is autistic, committed suicide under the harassment of her comrades, editor’s note), to the French and Spida Show off their all-star rings.

Jazz isn’t necessarily a franchise appreciated by the masses, but social work done in Salt Lake City Should be welcomed by all fans. In grief, the town is united with two bereaved families, and Rudy Gobert has even made a huge donation. respect.

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