Rugby World Cup 2015 review (PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, PS Vita) – Page 1

Posted on Thursday 17 September 2015 at 12:00:00 by Cedric Gasperini

Can a game about a sport played backwards move forward?

pictureLast year we were particularly satisfied with Rugby 15, a game full of flaws, problems, and even bugs, but, against all expectations, it made us laugh here at the editorial staff. Simple on hand, fun, dumb, dumb, cute, whatever. To play with friends without taking the initiative. HB Studios and Big Ben Interactive return with the 2015 Rugby World Cup, just in time for the World Cup.

Official game permission. so what ?

Then there’s the best on the list. Clear, PES style…but on one page. One small page. You will be able to play the 2015 World Cup official tournament, a friendly match, training, play a custom cup, edit the names of teams and players, but also change the parameters. Among these options is choosing whether you want the referee to whistle for missed balls, knockouts, offsides, and whether to deal with fatigue and injuries. Choose to play with a side view or a front view, as well as various visual aids (radar, player bar…).

this is few. Very very little. There is no full season, no possibility to create a mini tournament… Anyway, what’s the point? The game includes only the World Cup teams… New Zealand, Canada, England, Australia, France, Japan, Scotland, Ireland, Tonga, Argentina, Georgia, Italy, Fiji, Samoa, Namibia, Uruguay, Romania, USA, South Africa, Wales… only 20 teams. It is the belief that we do not care about the mouth of the world.

The rest is not great: only 3 stages. La possibilité toutefois de gérer la durée du match, l’heure à laquelle il a lieu (jour, après-midi, nuit), les conditions climatiques (clair ou couvert), le vent (fort, faible, modéré), la difficulté… And that’s it.

ScreenCompared to last year’s game, nothing has changed. The gameplay remains the same. It is very easy to handle. Certainly, there are some finer details to discover which will be able to manage matches. Missed passes, drops, various and varied combinations … We can develop a good game at leisure, by applying ourselves a little. It must be said that the opposite, whatever the style of difficulty, it responds very little. The AI ​​is weak, and in the end, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting your team to win, regardless of the opponent.

In fact, Rugby World Cup 2015 will quickly become boring if you play alone. His only interest, in the end, is playing with friends. Why doesn’t it happen during a drunken evening, in the middle of the third road?

ScreenSchematically, the game did not develop either. So it is still average. Not particularly hideous, keep in mind. But honestly it’s miles away from what you find at soccer games for example.

In the end, let’s not be afraid of words, the World Cup at Rubgy 2015 is disappointing. It is a game completely intended for the general public and for the beginners in video games. If you are looking for a game that is realistic and somewhat accurate, even if you are faithful to a true match in its design, organization and stages, then go your way.
If you’re just looking for a simple, no headache, quiet or relaxing game for families unfamiliar with sports…go your way too, actually. Rugby 15, released last year, is more complete in terms of options and above all, the difference. It has combined at least Top 14, Aviva Premier Rugby, Southern 15, Pro D2, Scottish Pro 12, etc. Here are 20 teams? We should stop thinking people are stupid, hey.


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