Rugby World Cup 2023: France – All blacks, it’s a slap!

The draw was strong on Monday 14th December, but it guarantees France a great pool showdown as the Blues will challenge the New Zealand legend.

A mountain climbs instantly: fifteenth of FranceThe host country of the 2023 Rugby World Cup will face the Italian national team but in particular the New Zealand team from the group stage (Group A), according to the draw held on Monday, December 14 in Paris.

20 team one goal: to become ?? ???? Rugby 2023.

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South Africa in the quarters?

And the road to a first crown is dreamed up by French rugby with perilous promises… In the quarter-finals, the team that will finish second in this group can face the outgoing world champions, South Africa, who appear to be the favorites of Group B where they will face Ireland and Scotland.

The bottom of the table appears to be less high: to qualify for the 2019 World Cup final, England will have to get rid of Argentina and Japan (Group D), opponents at hand, before a quarter-final that could offer them to Australia, Wales or Fiji (Group C).

French way of life

The draw for the competition, which will take place from September 8 to October 21, 2023, was organized in the heart of the capital and in the presence of President Emmanuel Macron, who wanted this competition to be an opportunity to present “French art of living”.

the coach Fabian Galthey I learned about the risks before Monday. By being put in the Hat 2 due to their standings being interrupted on January 1, 2020 (seventh), when they have since moved up to fourth, the Blues had a good chance of meeting Cadore.

“The embrace of our grooves!” ❓?

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in full renaissance

But the results that France obtained on the 15th of this year 2020, which was disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, encourage optimism. Deprived of little England of the Six Nations Championship as of the Autumn Cup, the Blues have won a full revival by way seven matches out of nine.

The desire to install a younger generation until 2023, led by Romain Netamack (21) and Antoine Dupont (24), has yielded a resounding success over England (24-17). Until December, when the new French reservists came quite close at this level to inflict a lesson in humility on the XV de la Rose at Twickenham (22-19 after overtime).

victorious generation

The second failure of the fifteenth French team came in March during the tournament that was held in Scotland (28-17), where they played most of the match without numbers after excluding the pillar Mohamed Hawass.

This young generation was also present at the lot, with Netamak and Dupont making the journey with Captain Charles Olivon, under the eyes of a great elder, Sebastien Chabal.

Almost three years from the start of the competition, it remains to be known the other two opponents of the France complex, namely, hats 4 and 5, of American and African qualifications. But for that we still have to wait, and those matches will extend until November 2022.

Three years saliva

The nine host cities (Saint-Denis, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes, Nice, Saint-Etienne) will have to wait until the end of February to see their posters.

Why tied three years before the event? For reasons related to issuing tickets. The organizing committee wanted to be able to launch the first sales in March 2021, before the opening of the ticket office for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024, which are planned in 2022. And then, quite simply, it’s been three years since saliva …

Vincent Couture position, Head of Sports: “So French”

While French football never stops burying its dead in 2020, rugby is taking its place on the stage in the name of “French art of living”. It was much better for him, because it looks good, because in three years against New Zealand it will not be Rambo but the war on Earth.

Fine gourmets, the lottery of the world thus preserved the crème de la crème, by putting the legend of All Black on the platter of blues. dream list. That which enhances the imagination of the masses as much as it fills the nights of the players with opposite feelings. We cannot resist the power of legend. Except that in the World Cup, the French national team no longer had any compliment towards its opponent.

Thank you Dominici, the blonde angel etched in memory of the stunning success against New Zealand, in 1999, at Twichenham. We know the recipe for victory: a ruthless fight accompanied by a flash of genius, that famous French flair that the whole world envy us. The art of changing destiny. Very French.

Occitanie confirms its support

As the draw for the next Rugby World Cup took place on Monday morning in Paris, the Occitanie/Pyrenees-Mediterranean region just voted in aid of €600,000 to support the organization of the world-famous event, which will take place from 8 September to October. 21, 2023 in France. Occitanie will host a qualifying group of 4-5 matches at Toulouse Stadium.

The Occitanie/Pyrenees Mediterranean region has been officially the “host region” for the 2023 Rugby World Cup since the signing in September 2019 of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Public Interest Group (GIP) France 2023.

The objective of this agreement is to promote the development of the practice of rugby and sport in Occitanie, and to apply to host major international delegations on its territory during the competition, including the Japanese delegation, a country with which the region shares strong economic and institutional ties.

Discussions are currently underway, with support from the region, to allow several cities in Occitanie to become official base camps for the Rugby World Cup in 2023, thus hosting one or more of the 20 participating teams in the competition.

Through this agreement, the region also supports the “Campus 2023” process that will enable 2023 young people in France to benefit from the organization of the Rugby World Cup for training in sports careers and apprenticeships and to obtain the Baccalaureate, Bac + 3 and Baccalaureate + 5 diplomas level. 340 sites are planned in Occitanie as part of this process.

“Rugby land, here in Occitanie we are ready to welcome matches and teams from all over the world during the next World Cup thanks to our land’s many assets to prepare and host major sporting events. Organizing this world class first class in France is a great opportunity to promote our land.”

“The Occitanie region will respond to make it an economic and popular success, benefiting everyone and in particular our youth, the first affected by the crisis we are going through. This is the meaning of our tremendous support for the event and for the community. Operation Campus 2023, which will help 340 young people in Occitanie to access work and build their future based on this event.

“With the Vice President in charge of sports Kamal Chebli, we are particularly attached to her,” said the President of the Occitanie/Pyrenees Mediterranean Region, Carol Delga.

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