Rugby World Cup 2023: Organizers satisfied despite computer glitches for ticket office opening

This is undoubtedly one of the consequences of the renewed love of the fifteenth public for France. On Monday noon, for the opening of the ticket office for the 2023 Rugby World Cup to be held in France (from September 8 to October 28), fans of the oval ball responded. in number. It’s very clear. Because the servers the organization set up for these first sales – although intended for members of the “Family 2023” community and MasterCard (event partner) payment card holders – did not shock some 250,000 registered links.

Given the first sale of the cup half full above all else, the organization welcomed in a press release “a success unprecedented in the history of the sport” marking the launch of the “pre-sale” of first packages, by city or by team. “This first phase did not allow all rugby fans to get the places they could hope for,” the organizers admitted while several supporters the day before on social networks expressed difficulties communicating with the site.

Many fans on social media have expressed their disappointment, even anger, in the face of these many hiccups. Several of them explained that they had to wait for long minutes before seeing their applications rejected.

2.6 million tickets will be available for sale

Others, after a long marathon, managed to win such famous sesame as Maxim. “Miraculous!!!! After 15575242467 F5 on 3 different PCs and 6 queues, I got my 5 game package for the Rugby World Cup in Lyon!!! Victory!!!”, the interested party enjoys on Twitter.

A few days ago, Claude Atcher, organizing director for the 2023 World Cup, was optimistic and reassured about this first stage. “We are sure our servers will hold up,” he emphasized.

This Tuesday, the organization confirmed above all that all the packages planned for this first phase have already been sold out. “It’s an amazing launch with exceptional characters, a taste of Claude Acher during a video conference. All scheduled tickets sold out. 310,000 tickets found in less than 12 hours (Between noon and midnight), with more than 1,000 banknotes per minute. This enthusiasm is “the first in history for such an event,” continues the organization’s director.

Even highlighting a “tremendous success,” Accher also returned to the computer whirlwind with “7 minutes of error” — one of three minutes and the other of four minutes — at the start of the process. “We have an idea of ​​being disappointed, indicating the person in question. We are aware that some have spent hours waiting to reach the precious sesame. We’re sorry but we operate on a first-come-first-served basis. »

The other packages will go on sale starting March 18 at 6pm for the second wave of sales, which are still reserved for those who signed up for “Family 2023” “which has 740,000 members.” The ticket office will open to the general public on April 6. Insanity promises to be important.

“Each time there will be 300,000 tickets on sale, continues. French and world rugby are the big winners. We knew the appetite was strong but it exceeded our expectations. Selling 310,000 tickets in just a few hours and two and a half years from the start of the event is exceptional.”

A total of 2.6 million tickets will be available for sale through the competition. Ticket revenue represents approximately 85% of the Organizing Committee’s revenue.

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